Psychology is the study of human behaviour and mental processes and is offered to the Sixth Form as an A-level. The course offers a fascinating introduction to aspects of psychological theory, research and current practical applications. It provides an insight in to why we behave the way we do and uncovers fundamental human processes that act upon us on a daily basis.

Our aims

To introduce the boys to the wonder of the human mind and behaviour.
To teach boys how to research a wide range of source materials, evaluate arguments with appropriate reference to a broad range of studies and commit ideas and arguments to paper in a relevant and cogent way
To provide an excellent foundation to develop the skills required by a diverse range of subjects in higher education.

Hampton boys have proved to enjoy great success at Pyschology A Level with the vast majority securing A* – B grades.

A growing number of our students go on to study Psychology at UK universities including Oxbridge. As a degree, and maybe more importantly as training in understanding people, Psychology is highly relevant to any career that puts people at its core, e.g. medicine, the therapies, management, human resources, the police, counselling, advertising, teaching and law.