Biology affects all of us, whether via local or global events or through an understanding of how our own bodies work. Therefore we consider it vital for every boy at Hampton School to gain a solid biological background.

Hampton’s Biology Department promotes excellent working relationships between teachers and students and our staff provide intellectually stimulating, enjoyable lessons to all.

We are delighted that Biology exam results are consistently excellent, with over 90% of boys attaining A* or A at GCSE and, on average more than 80% attaining A* – B, at A Level, in the last 5 years.

biology Department Aims

  • To encourage enthusiasm and a passion for the study of Biology.
  • To encourage the learning of a body of Biological knowledge, which can be directly or indirectly applied to life issues.
  • To develop a healthy respect for all living things.
  • To develop an understanding of the scientific method and its application.


Hampton offers superb science facilities and Biology lessons are taught in seven purpose built laboratories, equipped with interactive white-boards and digital data projectors.



The Department organises a number of field trips throughout the year, notably to the two world leading taxonomic institutes of Kew Gardens and The Natural History Museum. GCSE students attend science lectures in central London and for those boys opting to take Biology at A Level we run week-long field trips to Orielton which provides a rich learning environment.

Biology Club

Science Club is run on a weekly basis and is aimed at boys in the Lower School, to promote their enthusiasm for the subject and also to get involved with looking after the various animals that are housed in the department.

NCBE Practical DNA Workshops

Each year we invite The National Centre for Biotechnology Education to run workshops on DNA technologies with our A level students.

The aim of the day is for our students to carry out the process of PCR on their own cheek cells before running a DNA fingerprint on their samples.

Both techniques are otherwise difficult to carry out in a school lab without specialist equipment and are also explained in a dynamic way by a specialist in his field.

Hampton Medic’s Society

All boys considering applications for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Sciences are invited to attend weekly sessions exploring topics relevant to the subjects. Between ten and twenty students apply for these courses each year.

Biology Society

The Hampton School Biology Society meets every Friday lunchtime and aims to explore the areas of biology that are outside the curriculum through experimentation and discussion. So far we have cultured slime moulds to explore how semi-intelligent life can move through mazes and bred fruit flies to see just how right Mendel was in determining his ratios. We are currently working towards competing in the Biology Olympiad and are looking forward to our next project!