Biology affects all of us, whether via local or global events or through an understanding of how our own bodies work. Therefore we consider it vital for every boy at Hampton School to gain a solid biological background.

Hampton’s Biology Department promotes excellent working relationships between teachers and pupils and our staff provide intellectually stimulating, enjoyable lessons to all. We are delighted that Biology exam results are consistently excellent.

Aims of BIOLOGY Department

  • To encourage enthusiasm and a passion for the study of Biology
  • To encourage the learning of a body of biological knowledge, which can be directly or indirectly applied to life issues
  • To develop a healthy respect for all living things and the environment
  • To develop an understanding of the scientific method and its application


All Third Years participate in the annual Biology Challenge Competition, run by the Royal Society of Biology. This aims to stimulate and reward pupils’ curiosity for the natural world and encourages them to take an interest in Biology outside of school. A Level pupils compete in the British Biology Olympiad aiming to be selected as a member of the UK Team competing in the International Biology Olympiad (IBO) which involves the top pre-university biology students in the world.


Hampton offers superb science facilities and Biology lessons are taught in seven purpose built laboratories offering extensive opportunities for practical work. Pupils are encouraged to observe our wide selection of animals which includes snakes, hamsters, fire-bellied toads and a well-loved axolotl to nurture an interest in animal behaviour and welfare. Senior Biologists have the opportunity to carry out DNA practical work including the genetic engineering of bacteria, and other cutting-edge technologies.



The Department organises a number of field trips throughout the year, notably to the world-leading Natural History Museum.  GCSE students attend science lectures in Central London and for those boys opting to take Biology at A Level we run trips to London Zoo and Amersham Field Studies Centre, where they benefit from a hands-on approach to practical Ecology. First Year Biologists enjoy their annual visit to Marwell Zoo which focuses on the importance of Conservation Biology.


Hampton Medics Society

All boys considering applications for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Sciences attend weekly sessions exploring current topics relevant to the subjects such as Medical Ethics and the NHS. Between ten and twenty students apply for these courses each year. In addition to talks from outside speakers and Old Hamptonians, boys also produce and present their own chosen topics and throughout Sixth Form, there is a strong focus on developing interview skills for university.

Sixth Form Extension Biology

Sixth Formers considering undergraduate studies related to Biology, meet weekly to explore areas of biology outside the curriculum through experimentation and discussion. So far we have cultured slime moulds to explore how semi-intelligent life can move through mazes and bred fruit flies to see just how right Mendel was in determining his ratios.


Biology Club

This club runs on a weekly basis and is aimed at boys in the Lower School, to promote enthusiasm for the subject and involve them with the care of the various animals kept by the department. They also enjoy a range of practical hands-on activities aimed at extending their interest and knowledge.

Beekeeping Club

Beekeeping club meets primarily during the summer term, when the weather is warm enough to inspect our two hives.  It is open to boys from all year groups who want to study the fascinating lifecycle of the honey bee and develop their skills in beekeeping. Boys learn about hive management which includes identifying the queen, looking for eggs and brood and ensuring the hives have sufficient food reserves. We are hoping to collect a surplus of honey which we can then extract to produce our own, Hampton Honey.