Fees 2023-24

Registration Fee£125.00
Tuition Fees
£8,240.00 per term
Acceptance Deposit£1,600.00
ExaminationsCharged at costSee below
Parents Association(one off payment on entry)£30.00

Fees - Optional

Music(10 x 40 minute lessons)£406.00 per term
Music Society£30.00 per year
CoachAutumn term £704.00 per term
Spring term £600.00 per term
Summer term £658.00 per term
AXA PPP Healthcare£126.00 per term
N.B. This is an opt-in policy providing medical cover for pupils and is charged on your School Bill. It is especially advisable to take out this policy if your son participates in School Sport; if injured the policy can give faster access to medical consultations and treatment than the National Health Service. Details are available from the Bursary.
Boat Club(Third Year)
(Fourth Year)
(Fifth Year and Sixth Form)

£140.00 per term
£150.00 per term
£185.00 per term
Hampton and Holles Boat Club (HHBCA) annual charge£20.00 per year
Combined Cadet Force (run by Lady Eleanor Holles School)(Fourth Year onwards)£91.00 per term

Fees Catering

Breakfast(8:00 am to 8:40 am)Charged per item
Tea(4:15 pm to 5:00 pm)Charged per item
LunchAutumn Term
Spring Term
Summer Term
£479.00 per term
£400.00 per term
£423.00 per term

50% Lunch charge is made for Fifth Year and Upper Sixth in the Summer Term

Please note that half a term’s notice is required to cancel the Coach or Lunch service.

The fees are reviewed by the Governors annually and normally increase each academic year.  Any amendments will be communicated to parents.


Parents are reminded that public examination charges are billed at cost, together with an administration charge. Internal assessments which are carried out under examination conditions in line with examination board requirements also carry an administration charge. This includes assessments in the Fourth Year, Fifth Year, Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth. Please see here for a list of charges from each examination board by level and subject.