Fees 2016-17

Registration Fee£100.00
Tuition Fees£6,125.00 per term
Acceptance Deposit£1,500.00
ExaminationsCharged at cost
Parents Association(one off payment on entry)£30.00

Fees - Optional

Music(10 x 40 minute lessons)£311.00 per term
Coach£368.00 per term
BUPA Healthcare£70.00 per term
School Fees Refund Scheme£79.63 per term
Combined Cadet Force(Fourth Year onwards)£66.00 per term
Boat Club(Third Year)
(Fourth Year)
(Fifth Year and Sixth Form)

Hampton Holles Boat Club Annual Charge
£85.00 per term
£95.00 per term
£110.00 per term

£15.00 per year

Fees - catering

Breakfast(8:00 am to 8:40 am)Charged per item
Tea(4:00 pm to 5:00 pm)Charged per item
Lunch£298.00 per term
50% Lunch charge is made for Fifth Year and Upper Sixth in the Summer Term)