Curriculum Enrichment

As part of Hampton School’s aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for its pupils, all students in the Sixth form have two periods of Curriculum Enrichment a week as an opportunity for broadening horizons and the mind. These cover areas and issues which we consider to be topics on which an intelligent, articulate and free-thinking individual should have on opinion; and provides skills which will be vital for a successful time at university and in the world beyond.

They include:

Thinking Skills

The skill of Critical Thinking is, for obvious reasons, regarded highly by universities. All boys at Hampton will learn the art of argumentation including the skills of analysis and constructing strong arguments, as well as that of assessing evidence. Many of these skills will be useful in aptitude tests sat for the leading universities.


In the maintained sector students now have Citizenship classes, and at Hampton we have embraced the best elements of this idea. All students are asked to examine, amongst other issues, our political parties, our electoral and criminal justice system and the role of the monarchy.

Science and Society

Boys will learn the importance of science in shaping today’s world and the world of the future. They will study the principles of scientific progress and the nature of scientific objectivity as well as the social, ethical and environmental implications of technological progress and the moral responsibility of scientists. All of these areas will be studied through 21st century issues such as health, space travel and genetics.

Current Affairs

It is, of course, important that anyone applying to university is au fait with the hot political and global topics of the moment. In this session, students will analyse the big issues in the news and research and present on current issues of particular interest to them.

Contemporary Art

The art world is often depicted as a detached, unfathomable and mysterious place.  We are presented with headlines guiding us to see the shock factor of contemporary art while ignoring the bigger picture.  Art, like many other areas of cultural significance, deserves to be given a little time for contemplation with an open mind before one can relax and enjoy the richness it can bring. In these sessions, students will explore the meanings and impact of some contemporary artists’ work and also consider the often exceptionally high values generated by such art.


Hampton School is one of the pioneers of Mindfulness practice in education. Mindfulness techniques help build confidence, well-being and focus, enabling all pupils to flourish. They help us to recognise our inner critic and balance this with more discernment and kindness towards ourselves. This increases confidence and encourages top performances both academically and in sport. Boys involved in music, drama and public speaking also follow the practices from the course allowing them to deliver exceptional performances on stage.

Community Service

We feel that it is important that every Hamptonian recognises his privileged position and offers something back to the community. It is for this reason that every student does some community service in local primary schools helping children to read and generally assisting in the classroom.