As part of Hampton School’s aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for its pupils, all pupils in the Sixth Form have two periods of Curriculum Enrichment (CE) a week as an opportunity for broadening horizons and the mind. These cover areas and issues which we consider to be topics on which an intelligent, articulate and free-thinking individual should have an opinion; and provide skills which will be vital for a successful time at university and in the world beyond.

The CE carousel, which runs across both years of the Sixth Form, contains certain core sessions supplemented by a range of optional sessions from which boys make a choice. The core sessions are:

  • Thinking Skills
  • Community Service
  • Oracy

Amongst the 18 optional courses are the likes of Python programming; cookery; an introduction to British Sign Language; first aid; an introduction to linguistics; current affairs; and mindfulness. There are four 5-week sessions in the Lower Sixth and three sessions in the Upper Sixth, interspersed by a range of interesting and engaging external speakers on various topics from personal health to contemporary ethical concerns.

The CE sessions are run jointly with LEH, and sessions will be attended by both boys and girls. Some sessions will be delivered by Hampton staff at Hampton School, and some by LEH staff at LEH. Staff from both schools have been working together closely to ensure that, utilising the expertise of staff from both schools, our enhanced CE course will be a cohesive and elevating experience for all.

Community Service

We feel that it is important that every Hamptonian recognises his privileged position and offers something back to the community. It is for this reason that every pupil does some community service in local primary schools helping children to read and generally assisting in the classroom.