Every Form in the School has a Form Tutor and sometimes two teachers share the role. Form Tutors at Hampton are the teachers that a child will get to know best during their time at the School and he or she is a pupil’s main point of contact.

Form Tutors at Hampton make a lot of effort to get to know each boy in their class individually and will monitor a boy’s progress both inside and outside of the classroom, and step in to help or advise, if a problem or issue arises.

The Form Tutor meets with his/her Form twice daily for registration and also for a Form Tutor period every Thursday.

Heads of Year

Heads of Year are available to give advice to their Form Tutor teams as well as to their tutees and are responsible for the pastoral care and discipline within their Year Group. Parents may contact Heads of Year directly, although the initial point of contact would normally be the Form Tutor.

Deputy Headmaster

The Deputy Headmaster responsible for the pastoral side of the School (Mr Owen Morris) is available to give advice to all parents, staff and pupils on pastoral issues and serious concerns.