Computing and Coding

The Computing and Coding courses that are run at Hampton, tap into and nurture boys’ natural fascination with computer technology. Technology will continue to play an ever-increasing role in all our lives and the School views it as fundamental responsibility to give pupils the skills, knowledge and awareness that will enable them to safely navigate through, and embrace the technological developments that lie ahead.

AIMS OF Computing and Coding Department

  • To explain how computer programs work
  • To develop sound computer-literacy skills
  • To introduce pupils to the world of coding enabling them to write their own programs
  • To further pupils’ curiosity in this crucially important field

Computing and Coding is taught to First, Second and Third Years at Hampton. We ensure that all pupils are computer literate and learn how to use the internet safely with discernment and good judgement. Information and communication technology plays an important role in the study of the majority of academic subjects and we encourage cross collaboration on projects with other Departments such as Mathematics, the Humanities and Music.

As the boys move up the School the focus is on computational thinking and developing key programming skills. Pupils are introduced to more advanced programming languages such as ‘Python’ and encouraged to use coding on projects specifically geared to engage their interest including building computer games, websites, robotics and learning how to develop their own App.


The Department runs Coding Clubs for junior and senior boys in which pupils can build on their class project work. Designing and programming robots, building web pages and using Raspberry Pi computers students are encouraged to devise ever more ‘elegant’ solutions to problem solving and to start to ‘think like a programmer.’