RS & Philosophy

Hampton School has a strong and lively tradition of Religious Studies. RS plays a crucial role in supporting the Hampton ethos and boys find the academic courses we teach both broad reaching and relevant to the society they live in. They learn about and learn from the beliefs and examples of others, enabling them to view world issues of today within broader perspectives, thus developing tolerance, understanding and respect for others.

With seven subject specialists, Religious Studies is taught at all levels in the school; from the broad and stimulating survey of world religions in the first three years to the detailed study of philosophical and key religious texts in the Sixth Form. In the Sixth Form we offer two tracks;  AS Level courses in Religious Studies  and a two year Pre-U Philosophy & Theology course.

The Department offers a course in ‘Life Issues’ to all Fourth Year students which is taught alongside the School’s Mindfulness and Wellbeing & Resilience programmes.

The RS Department incorporates a wide variety of learning styles including meditation, creative writing, film and the consideration of art and artefacts.

To enhance the boys’ studies the Department organises a range of trips to different places of worship and to other places of interest. The School also offers many trips abroad, which allow boys opportunities to experience different religions and cultures first hand.

Faith Groups

The Religious Studies Department supports faith groups from specific traditions including Junior and Senior Christian groups, The Muslim Society, The Indian Society, The Parents Prayer Partnership and The Jewish Society.

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We have a suite of dedicated classrooms and a ‘Quiet Room’, which is situated away from the bustle of the corridors and classrooms and offers an opportunity for boys to reflect in their own time. The ‘Quiet Room’ is also used by the various faith groups at the School.