Please note: the Chrome web browser does not work with School email or the Application portal and is not supported by us.

When logging on to School email, the School Intranet & Application Portal, please use your normal School credentials.

When logging on to the Parent Portal, remember to click on the Parent Login button before entering your email address and password

For School e-mail

To contact a specific member of the staff via e-mail

Use the member of staff’s first initial, followed by a dot, then surname and then @hamptonschool.org.uk e.g. to contact John Smith, the e-mail address would be j.smith@hamptonschool.org.uk

NB – It is essential that you use @hamptonschool.org.uk and NOT @hampton.org.uk as this is a completely unrelated email address.

School email

For the School Intranet

School Intranet

For Access to Documents


For the Parent Portal

Parent Portal

For Clickview


Help sheets are available for those wishing to use the HTML5 version, or for directly configuring the receiver. Please email portalhelp@hamptonschool.org.uk if you wish to receive these.

If you have any issues related to the services above, please email portalhelp@hamptonschool.org.uk, and your mail will be attended to ASAP. Please try to include screenshots of any errors found where possible.