One of the most important ways in which you can support your child is to find a school in which they will thrive and be happy.

As Heads of Hampton and LEH, we share the view that a key advantage of single-sex schools is that our teachers are specialists in getting the best out of boys and girls. They have a full understanding of the particular issues their pupils face and will provide the support that helps them most, increasing their confidence and building their resilience.


Being immediate neighbours puts us in the fortunate position of being able to offer pupils at Hampton and LEH the ‘best of both worlds’. Our schools enjoy close links and there are many opportunities for our pupils to spend time together, combining the best elements of single-sex and coeducational approaches. We hope that the following information provides you with an indication of the strength and depth of the links between our schools which are continually evolving and developing to ensure the best opportunities are provided for all our pupils.

Hampton and LEH are wonderful schools in their own right, and life at both is enhanced by our distinctive and very special relationship.

Kevin Knibbs and Rowena Cole 

Hampton & LEH Links

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