The Geography Department is a ‘down to earth’, lively and friendly environment – one in which teachers and students establish good working relationships. There are seven members of staff – five full-time and two part-time. There has never been a more fascinating and important time to study Geography. The Earth is forecast a turbulent few centuries ahead, full of upheavals and disruption – as a species, we must find a way to hold on tight and ride it out.

Aims of the Geography Department

  • The Geography Department seeks to enable students to make sense of their world, and to understand the processes, both human and physical that shape it.
  • We strive to teach Geography as a contemporary and dynamic subject.  Through the classroom and a wide range of fieldwork we address issues including ‘Climate change’ ‘Resource depletion’ and ‘Sustainable Development’.  We explore crucial questions about the sort of future society that we wish to create, making it extremely relevant for today’s school children.


Fieldwork remains central to our teaching and is a vital element in the teaching of Geography, throughout the age range. Trips include day trips to the South Downs and Cuckmere for our younger geologists and a residential stay in Sorrento, Southern Italy for Third Years. Iceland is the destination for our biennial GCSE trip and our Sixth Form students spend five days in Slapton, Devon as part of their A Level course.