The Geography Department is a ‘down to earth’, lively and friendly environment – one in which teachers and pupils build a positive working environment.

There are seven full-time members of staff who are all committed in passing on their love and expertise in the subject. There has never been a more fascinating and important time to study Geography – the subject that addresses pressing global issues from climate change and migration to environmental change and social cohesion. The Earth is forecast a turbulent century ahead, full of upheavals and disruption, and Geography is about finding solutions and sustaining our species and the environment in the future.

Aims of the Geography Department

  • To enable pupils to make sense of their world, and to understand the processes, both human and physical that shape it
  • To actively engage pupils in the process of geographical enquiry, to develop as effective and independent learners, and as critical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds
  • To develop their awareness of the usefulness of geographical analysis, to understand and solve contemporary human and environmental problems
  • To involve pupils in identifying global issues and recognising the challenges of moving towards a sustainable future
  • To develop the ability to handle and evaluate different types and sources of information whilst appreciating that people have different views of, and attitudes to, the world, its environments and its issues
  • Finally, we strive to teach Geography as a contemporary and dynamic subject. We look for pupils to apply their learning not only in the classroom but also in the real world through a range of fieldwork. This ranges from examining topics such as  ‘Climate change’, ‘Urban Branding’ and ‘Sustainable Development’.  We explore crucial questions about the sort of future society that we wish to create, making it extremely relevant for today’s pupils


Fieldwork remains central to our teaching and is a vital element in the teaching of Geography, throughout Hampton School. This includes day trips to the South Downs and Kew Gardens for our younger geographers and a residential stay in Sicily for Third Year pupils. Our IGCSE cohort take a number of trips during their studies including a trip to Seaford, East Sussex in the Fourth Year and the London Docklands in the Fifth Year. Iceland is the destination for our biennial GCSE trip and our Sixth Form pupils spend five days in Slapton, Devon as part of their A Level course. Additionally, we have organised Sixth Form trips to destinations such as Uganda and Costa Rica.

Third Year Trip to Sicily

Sixth Form Trip to Costa Rica

Fieldwork to Devon and Seaford


We run the Kingston-upon-Thames Geographical Association branch. Our lecture series runs from September to March, and includes talks from University lecturers, Journalists and Professional Geographers. All our A Level students attend and it is open to other School’s in the local area.

Geographical Association – Kingston-upon -thames branch

Geography Club is targeted at our Lower School pupils interested in all things geographical. The club uses a hand-on approach to learn more about geography and the world we live in. Our team takes part in the annual Junior WorldWise Quiz in December which we host here at Hampton.