Here at Hampton, Physics is taught by 12 subject specialists assisted by two full time technicians. We live in an increasingly scientific world and as a department we work together to ensure boys develop a knowledge and understanding of Physics that helps inform their judgement on scientific matters affecting society, both nationally and globally.

Practical work is an extremely important part of the course and boys enjoy and benefit from this hands-on, practical approach which improves their skills with the equipment and helps them learn to draw valid conclusions from their own measurements.

The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is at all comprehensible.

Aims of Physics Department

  • To engender an interest in physics through a stimulating and worthwhile experience in the classroom
  • To provide opportunities to guide and promote the development of scientific and rational modes of thought
  • To challenge the intellectual ability of all, to fully equip and prepare those taking study of the subject to a higher level and to reflect success by high exam grades

Pre-U Physics (CIE)

All boys opting for a two-year Physics course in the Sixth Form now follow this exciting course which includes a Personal Investigation and study of fascinating topics not found in many A-level courses such as Special Relativity and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Boys opting for a one-year AS course follow the new OCR Physics A specification.


The Department consists of six well equipped laboratories on the ground floor and a technicians’ area. All labs have a data projector for use with a staff laptop. The department also has use of a dedicated data-logging laboratory, shared with Biology and Chemistry, for data-logging and IT-based work.


The Physics Department run a number of educational visits to enhance the boys’ studies. These include trips to Intech in Winchester, the Department of Photonics at Southampton University and the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Our Upper Sixth Physicists also look forward to their annual visit to Thorpe Park, where they carry out data-logging force and motion experiments whilst enjoying the rides.


The Department possesses several telescopes. These are used in the dark evenings of GMT either in school, or on long term loan to interested students easing the problems of returning to school for observing.

Sixth Form Clinic

Weekly clinics are offered to Sixth Form Physicists for both the Cambridge Pre-U and the AS OCR Physics A courses. Boys are encouraged to use these clinics in order to seek help with any aspect of their work in Physics.