Please find below the trips offered by Hampton School for the academic year 2017-18

Trips autumn 2017

TripYear GroupsLeaveReturnLeaderApprx costNo. of boys
German Berlin Trip2, 3, L6, U613/10/1716/10/17PST£43030
U15 Football training Camp to Porto414/10/1717/10/17DSB£55027
Sport & Culture Trip to Provence, France215/10/1719/10/17MB£67024
Spanish Study Trip to MadridL615/10/1721/19/17CAM£72530
Spanish Work Experience to CordobaU615/10/1721/10/17SAB£79512
Geography Trip to Sorrento316/10/1720/10/17RK£60040
Rowing Trip to Temple sur Lot, France4-U616/10/1721/10/17CPG£58552
Tennis Trip to Paguera, Mallorca, Spain2-U623/10/1727/10/17PHL/DCP£900
Junior Ski Trip to Les Menuires1-316/12/1723/12/17DRC£990

Trips Spring 2018

TripYear GroupsLeaveReturnLeaderApprx costNo. of boys
British Schoolboys Ski Race, Wengen, Switzerland3-L627/1/1831/1/18FGB£12004
Geography Trip to Iceland4, 510/2/1813/2/18TEH£1,00045
French Work Experience L6, U611/2/1817/2/18SCY£68514
Artemis British Schools Ski Challenge3-U62/3/186/3/18FGC£1,200
Geography Fieldtrip to SlaptonL623/3/1826/3/18BSB£32035
Classics Trip to Rome & Bay of Naples All25/3/1830/3/18GJB£79046
Cricket Tour to UAE/Dubai3, 429/3/186/4/18RRT/AMB£180015
Spanish Trip to Ronda42/4/1810/4/18TRA£80039
History & Politics Trip to Washington DCL6, U66/4/1811/4/18JAF£1,30040
Multi-Activity Trip to Snowdonia2, 38/4/1812/4/18DRC£29020/30
Sixth Form German Exchange to MunichL69/4/1816/4/18KEW£4405
Spanish Trip to Barcelona2 & L612/4/1816/4/18CB£52536

Trips Summer 2018

TripYear GroupsLeaveReturnLeaderApprx costNo. of boys
Senior Football Tour to USAU66/7/1816/7/18CTM£2,50035