Please find below the trips offered by Hampton School for the academic year 2018-19

Trips autumn 2018

TripYear GroupsLeaveReturnLeader
Spanish Study Trip to Madrid5, L618/10/1824/10/18CAM
Berlin Languages Trip2, 3, L619/10/1822/10/18PST
St Josephs' National Schools Rugby Festival, Ipswich5, L6, U619/10/1821/10/18STH
U15 Football Training Camp to Porto420/10/1823/10/18DSB
DofE Silver to Dorset520/10/1822/10/18DRC
CCF Leadership Trip4-U620/10/1827/10/18JS
Senior French Trip to Nice5, L621/10/1827/10/18FGB
Sport & Culture Trip to Provence, France229/10/182/11/18MB
Spanish Work Experience to CordobaU621/10/1826/10/18SAB
Geography Trip to Sicily321/10/1824/10/18RK
Tennis Training Camp to Mallorca2-L622/10/1826/10/18PHL
DofE Silver (non-direct) & Gold to The Lakes5-U628/10/1831/10/18DRC
Rowing Trip, Temple-Sur-Lot 5-U629/10/183/11/18CPG
CCF Field Exercise4-U630/11/182/12/18JS
Senior Ski Trip to Bormio, Italy4-U614/12/1820/12/18SG/CTM
Junior Ski Trip to Alpe D'Huez2-315/12/1822/12/18DRC

Trips Spring 2019

TripYear GroupsLeaveReturnLeader
Spanish Trip to Valencia2 & L6tbctbcCB
Geography Trip to SlaptonL63/4/196/4/19BSB
German Exchange to MunichL6, U63/4/1910/4/19KEW
Russian Trip to Moscow & St. Petersburg3-U64/4/1910/4/19KNW
Cultural Tour of Boston, USAL6 & U65/4/1911/4/19CEG
Ronda Trip46/4/1914/4/19TRA
French Work Experience to LilleL6 & U67/4/1913/4/19SCY
Rowing Trip to Seville5-U611/4/1918/4/19CPG
Adventure Society Trip & DofE Gold to Snowdonia 2, 314/4/1918/4/19DRC
Rowing Trip to Hazewinkel415/4/1919/4/19CPG

Trips Summer 2019

TripYear GroupsLeaveReturnLeader
Adventure Society Trip to Namibia3, 4, 54/7/1921/7/19DRC
Junior Football Pre-Season Tour to Ajax2, 326/8/1929/8/19MKS