Please find below the trips offered by Hampton School for the academic year 2019-20 (further details can be found on the Trips section of the Parent Portal):


TripYear GroupsLeaveReturnLeader
Junior Berlin Trip2, 3, 418/10/1921/10/19PST
St Josephs' National Schools Rugby Festival, Ipswich5, L6, U618/10/1920/10/19STH
DofE Silver to Dorset4,519/10/1921/10/19DRC
Geography Trip to Sicily319/10/1922/10/19DS
Football Tour to Villarreal, Spain420/10/1923/10/19CH
Senior French Trip to Nice4, L620/10/1925/10/19NN
Spanish Study Trip to Madrid5, L620/10/1026/10/19CAM
Geography Trip to UgandaL6, U620/10/1929/10/19BSB
Spanish Work Experience to CordobaU620/10/1926/10/19FCC
Autumn Rowing Camp, Laias, SpainL6,U621/10/1927/10/19HT
Sport & Culture Trip to Provence, France221/10/1925/10/19MB
DofE Silver & Gold to The Lakes5, L627/10/1930/10/19DRC
Senior Ski Trip to Bardonecchia, Italy4-U613/12/1919/12/19SG/CTM
Junior Ski Trip to Les Menuires, France2-314/12/1921/12/19DRC
Senior Cricket Tour to India5-U626/12/196/1/20AMB


TripYear GroupsLeaveReturnLeader
Geography Trip to Iceland4,517/2/2022/2/20TEH
Geography Trip to SlaptonL620/3/2022/3/20BSB
Spanish Trip to Valencia2 27/3/2031/3/20CB
Junior Rugby Tour to Holland1, 2 27/3/2030/3/20SG
German Exchange to MunichL627/3/203/4/20KEW
Classics Trip to GreeceAll29/3/203/4/20GJB
J14 Rowing Camp to Wimbleball, Somerset31/4/205/4/20CPA
Government & Politics Trip to Washington DCL6, U63/4/208/4/20JAF
French Work Experience to LilleL6 & U65/4/2011/4/20SCY
J15 Rowing Camp to Hazewinkel, Belgium 411/4/1917/4/19NJD/NR
Rowing Trip to Seville5-U68/4/2016/4/20CPG
Spanish Trip to Ronda 412/4/2020/4/20TRA


TripYear GroupsLeaveReturnLeader
Adventure Society Trip to Borneo5, L6, U62/7/2024/7/20DRC
History Trip to Berlin43/7/206/7/20VMS
Music Trip to KonstanzAll3/7/2011/7/20DER
Cultural Trip to Cuba4, 5, L6, U66/7/2018/7/20CJB
Scuba Diving Trip to Malta2-U617/07/2022/07/20TKS

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