Theclassics 5 Classics Department at Hampton is busy, fun and thriving. The department consists of 6 teachers who all inspire and enthuse through their teaching of Latin, Greek and Ancient History.

All boys at Hampton study Latin in the first two years, with a good number continuing to GCSE and A level with great success. Greek becomes an option in the third year while Ancient History is offered in the fourth year. Both of these can then be studied to GCSE and A level.

A study of Classics, at whatever level, encompassing as it does history, language, literature, philosophy and archaeology (to name just a few of its hydra-like disciplines) helps to sharpen the rational faculties and broaden one’s social, moral and cultural horizons.

Classics department aims

  • To provide high quality teaching of Latin, Greek and Ancient History.
  • To promote an interest in, and knowledge and understanding of, the civilisations of which these two seminal European languages are the expression.
  • To foster a better understanding of the world we live in today.


The Department regularly takes trips to see Classical plays all over London, as well as staging its own productions. Lunchtime Classics societies meet to read plays, play games, build forts and generally share their love of the Classical world. Visiting speakers provide stimulating talks on a variety of topics to our boys. Trips to Classical sites (locally, nationally and abroad) offer our pupils an opportunity to connect with the subject in a much more ‘hands on’ way.