The ‘new’ Hampton School

In 1939 Hampton School moved from a previous site in Upper Sunbury Road to this newly developed location in Hanworth Road. The new grounds offered extensive playing fields and sat adjacent to the Lady Eleanor Holles School. The outbreak of War in September 1939 disrupted the moving in and no formal opening ceremony took place. All the accounts from the first autumn term bear testament to the positive spirit of Hamptonians during those first fearful months of the Second World War with repeated reference to the gratitude felt by those who were fortunate enough to experience the usual routine of attending school. By December 1939 there were 516 boys regularly attending lessons.

From the Lion Magazine Autumn 1939/Spring 1939-1940:

In the 380 odd years of the School’s history there can have been few events of such outstanding importance as the transfer from the buildings in Upper Sunbury Road to the palatial structure in Hanworth Road…… The building is almost ideally planned and beautifully finished. The war has not robbed us of much- as yet at any rate- and we are profoundly thankful that the building has not been commandeered, even in part.