Philosophy Clubs

Moral Maze Club

The Moral Maze meets every Friday for discussion and exploration of contemporary moral issues. The club is aimed at all boys from any Year Group who have an interest in ethics or moral philosophy, and a passion for current affairs. It would be particularly well-suited to pupils studying Religious Studies, History, Economics, and Government & Politics, and those intending to study humanities subjects or medicine at leading universities.

Junior Philosophy ForumJunior Philosophy Circle

The Junior Philosophy Circle meets every week during Friday lunchtimes. Boys from the 1st and 2nd year share their impressive and wide-ranging knowledge on all topics, whilst being open to learn new philosophical ideas. It is an opportunity for them to encounter different thinkers and acts as an introduction to the great minds of the past, from Aristotle to Wittgenstein. The boys also begin to consider complex ethical issues, such as human cloning or globalisation. These discussions are fun and enjoyable, as well as informative and the boys who come along enjoy the debate and the discussion as well as the occasional biscuit to keep the brain cells working.