Genocide Know More

In 2018 pupils from the Genocide 80/20 campaign group, along with students from Newport Girls’ High School, launched a resource book for schools and colleges. The book looks at the history of recent genocides, talks to survivors and tries to identify common patterns behind the causes of genocides to try and help prevent future tragedies. The book can be accessed here:

To mark the 70th anniversary of the Convention, Hamptonians from across the year groups wrote and published a newspaper entitled Genocide Know More, in collaboration with partnership schools: Turing House School, Hampton High, Orleans Park School, Reach Academy, Tolworth Girls School, Pimlico Academy and Newport Girls’ School.

Genocide Know More Newspaper

69th anniversary of the Genocide Convention

To mark the UN’s Genocide Day on 9 December 2017, Hampton’s Genocide80Twenty group wrote a letter to newspaper editors. The letter is also signed by 17 survivors of recent genocides.

 Genocide Convention – Letter to the Media

United Nations International Day of Commemoration and Prevention of Genocide

In the lead up to the United Nations International Day of commemoration and prevention of genocide Hampton School’s Genocide80Twenty group will be publishing a series of interviews with prominent survivors, activists or journalists in the field. The students have been working on their awareness raising project for several years and would like more young people to know about these terrible crimes so that they can be prevented.

Learn about the importance of studying Genocides by clicking on the links below:

Nadia Muradef73eb2a-d70e-11e5_1065189c  Nadia Murad: Yazidi Genocide survivor.

David Rohdedavid-rohdeDavid Rohde: Pulitzer Prize winner and National Security Investigations Editor for Thomson Reuters

Dr Azeem Ibrahimdr-azeem-ibrahimDr Azeem Ibrahim: Senior Fellow at the Centre for Global Policy

Jonathon Miller beebcq4sJonathon Miller: Asia Correspondent for Channel 4 News