The flagship club of the History Department is the History Society, which meets once a week for talks, debates and quizzes. This society is open to pupils of any year group and as well as enriching their experience of history, it is also a brilliant opportunity for them to mix with Hamptonians from across the School and not just in their own year. The History Society also encompasses the Hampton History Magazine, Historica Sapientia, which had it’s inaugural edition published in June 2023. Pupils of any age can write for the magazine and includes a huge range of articles on many different historical topics. Please see below for the link to the first edition.


Please find the first issue of Historica Sapientia: The Hampton History Magazine linked here. The annual publication contains a wide range of articles from Hamptonians in Third Year to Upper Sixth. We hope this is the first of many magazines to be published and we are very impressed with both the content and design, all which has been led by a group of Sixth Form Historians.