Links with LEH

Lady Eleanor Holles and Hampton School value the integrity of single-sex education for girls and boys with all the resulting advantages for specialisation and focus in learning styles, emotional, psychological and pastoral education.


Both are committed to:

  • Exploiting to the fullest advantage for the benefit of their pupils the tradition of co-operation which we believe offers the “best of both worlds”
  • Seeking and enhancing all areas of mutual co-operation and joint activity to the benefit of both schools, their staff and pupils

To achieve this, the schools have developed a Joint Liaison Committee to oversee, promote and celebrate the strong and ever-growing links between them.

There are many areas of co-operation between the two schools, including the following:
  • Millennium Boat House
  • Annual joint musical and drama productions
  • Joint Choral Society
  • Annual Sixth Form Leadership Course
  • Adventure Society trip to Borneo
  • Modern Language exchanges
  • Combined Cadet Force
  • Service volunteers and Community Service
  • Talk! Programme and Senior Café
  • Joint Form Charity events
  • Joint Careers events
  • Preparation for university
  • Shared coach service