Hampton’s Russian Department aims to instil in its students a passion and wonder for a country that spans over one third of the globe and whose language is spoken by over 288 million people.

Hampton School has two full-time Russian teachers, one of whom is a native speaker. Both have considerable experience of life in Russia and share a love of all aspects of the language, culture and literature. The Department also has two part-time, native speaking language assistants who visit on a weekly basis to work on our students’ spoken Russian as well as helping to prepare them for oral examinations.

Boys can opt to study Russian from the Third Year at Hampton. It is an incredibly rich language, the study of which offers immense rewards and we are proud of our consistently excellent results at GCSE and A Level. Many Russian A Level students are offered weekly extension lessons and choose to continue studying the language at many well-respected Universities.


We offer a five-week fun-packed, cultural and educational Russian taster course to all Second Year boys where they learn interesting facts about Russia’s geography, history, sports, food and folklore. They also have a chance to familiarise themselves with the Russian alphabet, as well as read, write and count.

The Russian Department organises a trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg every two years. The trip is open to all boys studying Russian, from Third Year to Sixth Form.

Our senior Russianists enjoy visits to plays, films and exhibitions in London. We believe that boys should have a clear understanding of Russian culture to fully appreciate the language.

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