Arts Award

The School offers the Silver Arts Award to pupils in the Third and Fourth Years. The Arts Award, managed by Trinity College London in association with Arts Council England, enables young people to research, plan, complete and review a creative project of their own choosing, as well as developing leadership skills in their chosen area. They produce a portfolio to evidence their work. There is a great deal of flexibility regarding what projects pupils may choose, possibilities include: performing arts, such as music or drama, visual arts, for instance sculpture or painting, creative writing, multimedia, such as film, photography or web design, a combination, or any other activity which involves a significant element of creativity. The award is a Level 2 qualification, which is the same standard as a GCSE or IGCSE higher level grade.

In recent years, Hamptonians have undertaken projects of impressive quality, including publishing photographic and literary books, making films and building dioramas; examples of some of their excellent can be seen below. They have also delivered workshops to younger pupils to teach the skills they have learnt, enabling them to build strong presentational skills for the future.

The Arts Award is an excellent opportunity for boys to pursue a passion of their own, be creative and gain an extra qualification, without the limitations of a syllabus.

Arts Award Examples