Fourth Year boys are invited to attend a two-day course called Unleashing Potential with girls from Surbiton High School. The course takes place in June at Hampton and is run by David Harkin who is a professional business coach from 7Billion Ideas. Participants learn about crowdfunding, personal branding, job applications, the use of social media in business and networking. Teamwork is used in projects for real business ideas and there is a panel of guest entrepreneurs who recount their own business experiences.   

Hampton Lower Sixth formers are invited to participate in a three-day business course with girls from Surbiton High School at the start of the summer holiday at BDO’s headquarters in Baker Street, London. The course (Reaching Potential) is run by David Harkin, who is a professional business coach from 7 Billion Ideas. It is an interactive and challenging three days combining networking with business graduates, work on a genuine business challenge, the development of business skills working in teams within groups drawn from the two schools and finally presenting to some of the senior partners of BDO. 


Young Enterprise is a national educational charity that aims to inspire and equip young people to learn and succeed through enterprise.

At Hampton the scheme is open to lower-sixth students. At the start of the year students are invited to form teams of 12 – 15 people and propose initial business ideas, the best of which are selected to form Young Enterprise companies. Over the course of the academic year, each company will complete a number of activities, including:

  • Electing a board of Directors from amongst their peers
  • Raising share capital
  • Designing, producing, marketing and selling their product or service
  • Producing a company report and accounts
  • Presenting their company results to a panel of judges from the local business community

Each company is supported by an external business advisor, who offers advice and encouragement during weekly company meetings.

The scheme provides an excellent opportunity for boys to experience real-life business challenges as well as developing a whole range of skills including teamwork, selling and presenting. It also offers the possibility of winning awards in the local company competition, where previous teams have been very successful.