The Lower School Summer Show, The Playhouse Apprentice, saw a talented cast and crew of over 50 Hamptonians and pupils from Hampton High tell the exhilarating and hilarious story of the saviour of London theatre.

The stage was set for 1597, and the iconic Globe Theatre. The Lord Chamberlain had closed playhouses and banned theatre companies from the stage, the livelihoods of hundreds of artists were in jeopardy. There was only one thing for it: somebody had to face the terrors of Blackfriars and travel through London to deliver a petition directly to the Queen of England. The young dramatists took us on a journey through Elizabethan England, as our unexpected hero Pygge bravely took on the government to bring the joy of theatre back for the people. Alongside superb acting and expert stage management, the Theatre team created a magnificent set that transported the audience back to the Tudor period.

Drama teacher and the show’s director, Mrs Richardson, praised the young ensemble on their fantastic performances:

Well done to the entire cast and crew of The Playhouse Apprentice! It was a pleasure directing this joint production with Hampton High. pupils both on stage and off stage worked hard to bring this exciting show to life in the Hammond Theatre.

The Playhouse Apprentice Gallery

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