Hampton’s awareness raising group Genocide80Twenty curated a moving exhibition this term entitled ‘Never Again’. The group made up of Third Year to Sixth Form Hamptonians filled the Atrium space with a range of mixed media exhibits highlighting current and past genocides.

Three survivors of recent genocides were special guests at the event: Sophie Masereka, who survived the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda; Sokphal Din a survivor of Cambodia’s ‘Killing Fields’ between 1975 – 1979 when the Khmer Rouge took control of Cambodia under the deadly rule of Pol Pot; and Safet Vukalic, a Bosnian Muslim who survived the atrocities committed in Prijedor, Bosnia during the 1990s. The three guests took time to talk to Hamptonians and share their personal stories with other attendees including parents, alumni, and members of staff.

Lower Sixth Former Rishi Vijayan was one of the Hamptonians behind the exhibition:

75 years ago, the world said ‘Never Again’ when the Genocide Convention was signed yet millions of innocent people still endure unimaginable horrors simply for who they are. Together we can make ‘Never Again’ a reality but only by raising widespread awareness – we thus hope our exhibition has successfully educated its attendees and has left them inspired to share what they’ve learnt.


Thank you to the Genocide80Twenty campaign group for all their hard work in hosting this important event.


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