The Religious Studies and Philosophy Department were delighted to welcome Mike Haines OBE, of Global Acts of Unity, back to Hampton to speak to our Third Year pupils.

Global Acts of Unity was set up by Mike following the murder of his brother David, an aid worker, by members of ISIS in 2014. Mike spoke about his journey to forgiveness of his brother’s killers. He discussed the damage that hate does and why unity, tolerance, understanding, and forgiveness are of the greatest value.

Mike’s talk was profound, powerful, and deeply moving. Third Year Hamptonian, Jamie told us that it was, “the best and most inspiring talk he had ever heard,” echoing the sentiments of many of his peers.

Third Year Hamptonians were brilliant throughout, giving Mike their undivided attention and asking insightful questions at the end. They showcased the kind of intellectual curiosity and rigour that has been a mainstay of their RSP lessons this year, and a significant number remained behind afterwards to continue the Q&A.

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