For the last Talk! of the year, the Hammond Theatre welcomed Guy Havord, one of the country’s leading football commentators.

A Sky Sports reporter and commentator for over 20 years, working on both Super Sunday and Soccer Saturday, Mr Havord spoke to an engaged audience of Hamptonians from across the year groups about covering many of the most exciting football stories of the past two decades.

Commenting on how sports journalism has changed beyond recognition since he joined the profession, Guy also spoke about how the game of football has undergone a transformation – from poorly maintained stadiums and a reputation for attracting hooligans – to becoming a multi-billion dollar prime-time global industry.  A veteran Premiere League and UEFA Champions League broadcaster, and a familiar face on our TV screens, Guy treated the Hammond Theatre audience to some of his more memorable reporting moments including the very first post-match interview with a teenage Cristiano Ronaldo who had just joined Manchester United from Sporting Lisbon. Another highlight was Arsene Wenger’s reaction to his star-studded Invincible’s Squad clinching the 2003/04 Premier League title.

Answering questions from the auditorium, Mr Havord spoke about the detailed preparation that goes into reporting on matches, and how he has been incredibly lucky to have such an enjoyable and fulfilling career.

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