This is a shorter blog than usual because our regular writers are focused on their assessments and using every spare minute to revise. The School’s charity work continued with 2W donating more than 20 novels to the Lion Learning Library and we had a School-wide collection for Feltham Foodbank on Friday.

There have been no fixtures but on Tuesday (before the rain) boys enjoyed a combination of soft ball and cricket and on Friday boys let off steam in the interform athletics (results came after our deadline, full report after half term).

Over half term, I encourage you to take part in the tree and bird watch (details below) and go to the library and grab a good novel to read. Have a great holiday!

Assessment week

This week has been unusual because of the difference in routine to accommodate the assessments. For example, the classroom has been shifted around a lot to space the desks out. The atmosphere is very different going into a test as there is sometimes a quick rush just before the test to get more revision in and learn as much as possible. Instead of chatting, in breaks we have been testing each other but it has been good to go outside during the week and get some fresh air.

The Maths test was quite a panic as the test said it required a protractor which very few people brought but luckily it did not actually need it. The tests were not too bad, and I am glad to have it over and done with and look forward to enjoying the half term holidays.

By Alex P (2W)

Hampton Tree & Bird Watch!

We’re thrilled to announce a new School project in partnership with the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) – a bird and tree survey within our grounds! This exciting collaboration aims to learn more about the biodiversity in our local environment and encourage appreciation for the wildlife around us.

What We’re Looking For:

Birds: Keep an eye (and ear!) out for feathered friends throughout the school day. Can you identify them? Even a simple sighting report is helpful!

Trees: Explore the school grounds and note down the different types of trees you find. Observing their size, shape, and any interesting features would be valuable.

How to Participate:

Sightings Form: A simple online feedback form has been created for you on the British Trust for Ornithology website, along with more details of the project to report your bird and tree sightings. It takes just a few minutes to fill out and will help us gather valuable data for the BTO.

You can access the form here, on Hampton’s very own project page: Feedback form link & Project page

Survey Dates: The survey will run from 20 May to 5 July.

There is no limit on how many times you can submit the form, and Hamptonians are encouraged to submit as-and-when they have a sighting, rather than saving up a sighting until the end of the project.


By participating, you’ll be contributing to a fun and educational project that:

Increases our understanding of the local ecosystem with the guidance of the BTO. Promotes awareness of the importance of birds and trees in our environment. May lead to future initiatives to enhance the school grounds for wildlife.

We encourage everyone to get involved, regardless of their prior knowledge! This is a great opportunity to learn and appreciate the nature around us, while contributing to valuable research by the BTO.

Thank you for your participation!

Fairy Tales and Fables

Last night I was pleased to take part in Mr Oyarzabal’s ‘Fables and Fairy Tales’ concert in the Hammond Theatre. A cosy, homely atmosphere was created with candlelight and an armchair for the narrator, who introduced each piece with a related poem or reading. Such tales as Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, and Little Red Riding Hood were referenced, amongst many others. Mr Oyarzabal had also selected inspiring artwork to accompany the pieces as they were played.

I was happy with my performance, but it is always daunting to play piano on the theatre stage! Fellow Second Years Joshua A and Louis C also put in fine performances. I think these concerts are an excellent opportunity for Hampton pianists to support each other and see the great talent we can aspire to. 

Thank you to Mr Oyarzabal for this opportunity and congratulations to him for putting together such a special event.

By Fred O (2B)


Congratulations to Hari P (2L) for getting his karate black belt last weekend!

Congratulations to Tom P (2P) who was awarded the Manager’s Player of the Year award at his football club, the Metropolitan Police. We can also see Lewis H (2B) enjoying the end of season celebrations with Tom in the group photo.

We love to hear about what you have been getting up to outside of school and to celebrate your successes in the Second Year Blog! Please do send any information about any of your achievements through to Mrs Whitwam ().


Well done to everyone who had a go at last week’s quiz. Merits go to:

2J: David W, Josh B, Joshua A, Danyal P

2W: Laurie L-T, Isaac d Q, Dean B, Benjamin J

2B: Joe B, Alex G, Sebastian W, Dennis H

2H: James G, Lucas T, Manilo C

2P: Bevan P

2L: Manav V

Here are the answers to last week’s questions:

  1. Who is the youngest NBA player to get a triple double? Lamelo Ball
  2. How many points has LeBron James score in his NBA career? >41000
  3. Who was MVP last year? Denver Nuggets
  4. In what year was NBA founded? 1946
  5. What is Giannis’s surname? Antetokounmpo

Quiz of the week is having a well-deserved rest over half term. We’ll be back with more brain-busting questions in June!

Have a great half term break!

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