A packed audience of Hamptonians, partner school pupils, parents and members of staff gathered in the Hammond Theatre to hear from former UK Ambassador, Mr Nicholas Hopton.


Mr Hopton has had a distinguished career in British foreign affairs including postings to eight countries for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and engaging diplomatically in many others around the world. He has worked particularly in Europe and the Middle East. Over the past 35 years, he has been the first British Ambassador to Iran and served as Ambassador to Libya, Qatar and Yemen.

Representing the UK, the experienced diplomat has played a key role in international decision-making, sitting around the table with world leaders from Macron to Putin.

Quizzed by the audience on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, Mr Hopton stressed the importance of a two-state solution and the critical role that diplomacy will play in finding a resolution to the crisis and consequent devastating humanitarian plight in Gaza.



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