The Model United Nations (MUN) calendar culminated in the highly anticipated Haileybury MUN, the largest and most prestigious conference in the UK.

Fifteen Hamptonians from Fourth Year to Upper Sixth attended this year’s HMUN, with over 500 young delegates from around the world representing 80 different delegations. Hampton delegates represented the countries of Afghanistan, El Salvador, and Cuba. This enabled our delegates to get thoroughly ‘into character’ and represent controversial viewpoints across a wide variety of topics, including the disposal of waste into rivers, debt relief for developing nations, separation of religion & state and child labour.

The level of debate was exceptionally high across the weekend, and Hampton delegates made 83 speeches, raised 137 points of information, and attempted to make 66 amendments to resolutions (31 of which successfully passed). Sam Trotman and Rishi Vijayan managed to pass their own resolutions through their respective committees, which is always a notable achievement.

All the Hamptonians were superb ambassadors for their respective countries, and several of our delegates picked up awards at the closing ceremony including:

Highly commended Delegate
Piers Marchant (Afghanistan) – Economic & Social Committee
Sam Trotman (El Salvador) Economic & Social Committee

Distinguished Delegate
Vishal Saha (Afghanistan) Ecology & Environment Committee
Thomas Perry (Afghanistan) Conference Special Committee
Finn Watton (Afghanistan) Human Rights Committee
Isaac Crowhurst (El Salvador) Ecology & Environment Committee
Sam Govier (Cuba) Human Rights Committee
Rishi Vijayan (El Salvador) Special Political Committee
Alex Pooley (Cuba) Ecology & Environment Committee

The delegation of Afghanistan, a team comprised of Upper Sixth Hamptonians participating in their final conference, won a coveted ‘distinguished delegation’ award. Only five teams received this award, amongst the 80 delegations attending the conference, so this is a significant achievement and fitting finale to their Hampton MUN journey. Well done to Piers Marchant, Thomas Perry, Vishal Saha, Felix von der Geest and Finn Watton for a superb performance at their final MUN conference.

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