The 2024 joint Middle School production saw a cast of Hamptonians and pupils from LEH bring the comedy of Bleak Expectations to life.

Based on the award-winning radio series by Mark Evans, Bleak Expectations took the Hammond Theatre audience on a joyfully anarchic journey through Dickensian London and beyond.  Following the remarkable adventures of young Sir Philip ‘Pip’ Bin with sisters Pippa and Poppy and best friend Harry Biscuit, our protagonists attempt to escape the calculating clutches of the dastardly Mr Gently Benevolent, defeat the hideous Hardthrasher siblings, and deflect disaster at every turn!

The young dramatists from Hampton School and LEH performed the hilarious and chaotic caper with aplomb, showcasing their comic timing perfectly in the fast-paced and energetic production, which saw them battle mistaken identities, contemptible conspiracies and surreal plot twists in Pip’s quest to save his family and find true love.

Director of Drama, Mrs Alice Jones, praised the cast and crew for two fantastic performances:

The ensemble cast have been full of energy, character and madness, making Bleak Expectations a laugh-out loud comedy adventure. Everyone involved in the production has thrown themselves into their roles, whether that be feral penguins, cannibalistic school boys or those working behind the scenes. I am so proud of the whole cast and crew for rising to the challenge and producing such a wonderful production.

Bleak Expectations Gallery

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