First Year Hamptonians enjoyed a day of learning and adventure as they visited the South Downs National Park on the Geography Field Trip.

The day allowed pupils to appreciate the beauty of the English countryside, as they explored the fascinating landform of Devil’s Dyke, the longest, deepest and widest dry valley in the UK.  After a steep walk up to the top of the South Downs, the First Years were greeted with breathtaking views, as well as learning about important and interesting geographical features.

Exchanging the classroom for the rolling hills as their backdrop, pupils learnt about some of the geographical topics that they will be studying this year such as farming, land-use conflict, the South Downs National Park status and conservation efforts to maintain it. Equipped with OS maps and compasses, First Year Hamptonians had the chance to navigate the trails and practise their map reading skills.

The Head of Geography, Mr Tim Townshend, praised the boys after their first trip with the department:

First Years experienced their first geography trip on a clear but chilly day on the South Downs. exploring a range of different topics, from geology to the history of National Parks, pupils also had the opportunity to practise their map skills while navigating the 8 kilometre walk. it was fantastic to see them embracing each activity with such enthusiasm and positivity.


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