Hamptonians showcased their talent in the annual Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) Fair held at Lady Eleanor Holles School.

Working in teams, projects were designed to answer the questions of tomorrow, with pupils from across the year groups demonstrating their innovations from motion trackers to rocket launches and sound waves to an Arduino controlled car.

Third year scientist Anirudh S (3F) told us about his rocket project:

Our project was a model rocket which we had launched before the fair. On the day of the STEM Fair, we had many visitors from Hampton Prep, even Five appearing at once! They were very intrigued by our rocket and were in awe of our slow motion and normal time videos.

Get a taste of the STEM Fair below:

Physics teacher and organiser of the event, Mr Tim Wilson, praised the young scientists for their creativity:

Well done to all those who participated, you made the judging process really challenging as there were so many excellent projects. I hope you all had a lot of fun working on them and I look forward to seeing your projects next year!

Congratulations to the following teams:

Lower School – Mathematics and Computing Zach Amiji, Myles Bar-Nahum, Xavier McGuire and Alexander Melikyan

Lower School – Science and Engineering Anton Chetvertkov, Oliver Miles, Ethan Geiger and Sent Kelly

Middle School Prize Shane Karunakaran, Rohan Paul Muktieh and Joe Turton

Upper School – Mathematics and Computing Daniel Elisov, Zac Nolan and William Greenfield

Upper School – Science and Engineering Max Melhuish, Tom Holland and Aran Taheri Murphy

Well done to all who took part in the 2023 STEM Fair, we look forward to seeing what you do next year.

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