Hamptonians, partner school pupils and members of the wider community were given a first-hand account of life in Antarctica by polar marine biologist,  Professor Lloyd Peck.

With over 30-years experience with the British Antarctic Survey, Professor Peck leads a team of 30+ scientists evaluating how species live in the coldest, driest windiest, most isolated place on earth.

The award-winning Cambridge University lecturer, spoke to a fascinated Hammond Theatre audience about the challenges of working and living in such extreme conditions, including being confined to a tent for days on end and the importance of keeping warm and hydrated.

Professor Peck warned about the dangers of global warming and the devastating impact it is already having in this unique part of the planet, encouraging all to do their bit to live more sustainably and protect the environment

Explaining that the ice-covered land has fascinating animal and marine life species, Professor Peck introduced his audience to some of its wildlife including, Ice Fish, giant sea spiders and a mammoth isopod.




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