Upper Sixth Hamptonian Henry Shard has excelled in this year’s British Physics Olympiad (BPhO), a problem-solving competition which tests pupils on a wide variety of physics topics applied to the wider universe.

The BPhO is an annual competition, which is designed to allow the most talented physics students studying in the UK to demonstrate their skills by solving challenging problems, using both physics which they have already studied at school and additional information which is provided to them.

Henry achieved a top Gold award placing him in the top 5% out of over 2,800 pupils who sat the BPhO paper. This result earned Henry the opportunity to sit the extremely challenging round two papers for both the BPhO and the British Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad (BAAO), which are used to select those who will attend the national team training camp later this year.

Henry’s success in Physics is also reflected in his other A Level subjects. He was awarded the highly coveted Roentgenium Award in the 2022 Cambridge Chemistry Challenge and recently took part in the second round of the challenging British Mathematical Olympiad. Henry hopes to read Maths at the University of Cambridge in the autumn.


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