“Modern slavery happens all around us and we need to know more about it.”

Hamptonians, partner school pupils and members of the Hampton community packed the Hammond Theatre to hear from Professor Parosha Chandran, the world’s leading barrister on anti-slavery.

Professor Chandran offered an unparalleled insight into what is an ever-growing global crime which impacts thousands of adults and children – exploited and controlled through deception, violence and threats.

Parosha Chandran, has received global recognition, including the ‘Trafficking in Persons Report Hero Award 2015’ from former President Obama’s administration in the USA, for her legal work in this field and highlighting modern day slavery as an international crisis. She spoke to the Hammond Theatre audience about some of the many cases she has brought to court and her relentless struggle over a 25-year legal career to raise the profile of the victims of human trafficking and establish a legal landscape both in the UK and internationally, in terms of securing justice for them.

She urged everyone to take time to recognise that modern-day slavery is happening in our immediate surroundings and to care enough to take action against it. It was a privilege to hear from Professor Chandran – the cases she has fought on behalf of victims of modern slavery, and the legal precedents she has set that have helped to protect thousands of lives.



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