Monday 30 January, 2023

Modern Day Slavery

Professor Parosha Chandran

1:00pm – 1:45pm

“Modern slavery happens all around us and we need to know more about it.”

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to hear from Professor Parosha Chandran, the world’s leading barrister on anti-slavery. Modern day slavery is on our doorstep. Over fifty million people across the world are currently victims of modern slavery and the problem is increasing, including in the UK.

Thousands of people suffering from modern slavery in the UK are being exploited – controlled through deception, abuse and threats, including against their families. Victims of modern slavery are treated as  the property of their exploiters, held in squalor and forced to work under horrific conditions often hidden in plain sight across the country. Some victims may have been tricked or sold into slavery or exploitation in their home countries, whilst others including British children and adults, often with personal vulnerabilities, may have been entrapped by traffickers and enslavers here in the UK, and forced into a life more difficult than many of us can ever imagine.

Types of modern slavery exploitation vary but victims can be found in the construction and hotel industries; in agriculture; or they may be forced into the sex industry; or cannabis factories. Other victims have been found working in nail bars and car washes. Children are found working in all of these situations, including in sexual slavery. Sometimes victims have been trafficked from overseas – including from Eastern Europe, South East Asia, and Africa – but it is increasingly understood that British victims, including schoolchildren, are trafficked and exploited within the UK too, including as drug mules forced to transport drugs across the country by dangerous criminal gangs.

Professor Parosha Chandran, is a multi-award-winning human rights barrister who has received global recognition, including the ‘Trafficking in Persons Report Hero Award 2015’ from former President Obama’s administration in the USA, for her legal work in this field and highlighting modern day slavery as a global crisis. She represents adult and child victims of modern slavery and human trafficking and has helped shape UK and international law in fighting slavery and human rights abuses across her 25-year legal career. In 2018, she was appointed Professor of Practice in Modern Slavery Law at King’s College London

Join us for this unique opportunity to hear from Professor Chandran about her world-leading work as a human rights barrister, the cases she has fought on behalf of victims of modern slavery, and the legal precedents she has set that have helped to protect thousands of lives.

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