Hampton’s annual Independent/State Schools Partnership (ISSP) Science Day welcomed 53 Year 9 pupils from five local partner schools to participate in a range of exciting and interactive experiments.

The partnership event provided pupils from Orleans Park, Teddington School, Hampton High, Tolworth Girls’ School, Lady Eleanor Holles and Hampton School with a fun and informative opportunity to learn about Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The day offered an insight into new topics, encouraging pupils to explore Science beyond the curriculum.

The aspiring scientists took part in a Chemistry lesson investigating exothermic and endothermic changes in chemical reactions, in Biology they examined the effect of pH on digestive enzymes and in Physics they constructed hot air balloons to explore the concept of upthrust.

Mr David Clarke, who has organised the ISSP Science Day for more than 15 years, was delighted to be able to welcome pupils to the annual event:

It is great to welcome young scientists from all six schools to the ISSP Science Day and see them work together and enjoy such high quality science lessons. To be able to extend their knowledge and investigate new concepts outside the curriculum is a valuable opportunity for all the pupils.

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