Third Year Hamptonians teamed up with their new classmates for an action-packed team building day at the start of the new academic year.

Held on the School fields, the event helps new Hamptonians and existing pupils get to know their new Form Group and Upper Sixth mentors as they compete in a series of tricky challenges. Pupils tackled head-scratching activities such as Key Code, Sky Tower and Global Warming, which encouraged them to work together to solve the fiendish puzzles.

After an exciting day, 3G narrowly emerged as the victorious form. Joint Head of Year, Mr Tom Rigby, praised the Third Years for their energy, enthusiasm and team work:

We were delighted to see all the Third Years taking part in teambuilding activities so energetically and enthusiastically throughout the day. Feedback from the Problem Solving Company praised our pupils for their sustained and constructive efforts on each task. We know that this is just one step in the integration process, but it was great to see the boys having fun whilst learning about effective communication, problem solving, and working as a team. They did us proud!

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