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It is hard to believe that this is the final blog of the year! A special thank you to all of my amazing blog reps who have provided lots of fantastic content and helped to share all of the great things going on in the Second Year!! I hope you all have a lovely summer break and wish you all the best for starting your Third Year at Hampton!


Last weekend, the U13C team had a tough encounter against Whitgift School where they lost by nine wickets. Batting first, Neel was out lbw to a ball that most of us considered to be missing the wickets. After the wicket, Farris and Alfred managed to build a good partnership before Farris was bowled. Unfortunately, the dodgy bounce of the ball resulted in Rio and I both being bowled and losing wickets in quick succession meant that we were bowled out for 107 runs with our captain Alfred making a fluent 53 runs, the first 50 for our team this season.

After the change of innings, Whitgift got off to an excellent start before I caught one of a ball skied by the batsmen off the bowling of Alfred. Although they were going at slightly over 6 runs an over there was a possibility that during the middle overs, we could apply more pressure but that was not to be. Halfway through the twelfth over, Whitgift finished the game with nine wickets remaining. By Joshua (2B)


Hampton: 107 all out     Alfred 53*

Whitgift: 108-1


With the sun out, and sun cream applied, the Second Year were ready to head down to Hampton pool for the big finale – the swimming gala!! Each Form had selected their swimmers for the different events, there was something for everyone – from diving and freestyle, to the width ways egg and spoon and shuttle relay! It was fantastic fun and a great way to round off the year.

Swimming Gala results:

  1. 2B
  2. 2W
  3. 2P
  4. 2H
  5. 2F
  6. 2L
  7. 2J


Well done to all our Second Years on giving their all in this year’s Interform competitions. Here are the final standing:

  1. 2W
  2. 2P
  3. 2J
  4. 2B
  5. 2H
  6. 2L/2F

On the Water

The rowers completed their summer course with a mini regatta. Five boats raced each other in a round robin format over a short distance with each boat winning at least one of their races.

The coaches are very impressed with how quickly the boys have picked up the basic rowing skills, this bodes well for the third year rowing team! The video shows the last race of the day.


Hampton Sports Chronicle

A big shout to Arun C, Alex W and Omer O for their fantastic sports journalism in HSC 2022 linked here. Have a read of their piece on Hampton School Governor and trailblazing rugby star Mr Floyd Steadman, as well as the report on the U13A footballers ESFA Cup run. Well done boys!


Here are the answers to last week’s final weekly questions!

  1. The logo for luxury car maker Porsche features which animal? Horse
  2. What is the main ingredient in guacamole? Avocado
  3. What is a female elephant called? Cow
  4. How many time zones are there in mainland USA? Four
  5. What is the largest freshwater lake in the world by its area size? Lake Superior in N. America
  6. What is the name of the winged horse in Greek mythology? Pegasus
  7. A podiatrist specialises in treating which part of the human body? Feet
  8. What is a young giraffe called? Calf
  9. What type of rice is risotto usually made from? Arborio rice
  10. How many wisdom teeth does the average adult have? 4

Have a great summer holidays!

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