Hamptonians have excelled at this year’s UK Linguistics Olympiad (UKLO). The prestigious competition challenges pupils to solve linguistic data problems.

A group of 16 pupils from Third Year to Upper Sixth took part in the advanced round of the annual UKLO, with over 1,400 pupils from across the country also sitting the fiendishly difficult exam. The competition tests participants’ ability to decode information about various unusual languages and this year’s paper featured some particularly challenging questions. Eight Hamptonians secured awards in the UKLO 2022:

Gold: Pallav Bagchi, Daniel Morgan and Henry Ayres

Silver: Zebedee Aylin, Jack East and Nayaaz Hashim

Bronze: Oscar Mitchell and Luke Trotman

Particular congratulations go to Upper Sixth Former Pallav Bagchi who received a Gold Award for the third consecutive year and will now go forward to round two of the Olympiad, along with fellow Sixth Former Daniel and Fifth Year Henry, who also secured Golds.

Classics teacher, Miss Amy Winstock, who organises the initiative at Hampton, congratulated the boys for their performance in this year’s competition:

True to form, the UKLO posed some very difficult problems this year, including one about a whistle-language from Mexico! However, also true to form, Hamptonians rose to the challenge with grace and enthusiasm, securing some very impressive awards in the process. Huge congratulations to everyone who participated, from Third Year first-timers to Upper Sixth veterans. Keep that linguistics fire burning!

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