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I know, I know, you’re desperate to get into the kitchen, put on your apron and get baking – but before you do take a moment to reflect on another packed week at Hampton with this week’s edition of the Blog! Thursday saw the Genocide 80Twenty group’s commemoration of Holocaust Memorial Day in assembly, the boys have been out on Dorney Lake rowing, and putting pen to paper in pursuit of the next Booker Prize winning novel. So, sit back, read on, and once you’ve reached the end…get baking!

Heads of Year Message

We are really looking forward to seeing what Third Year pupils can produce in the kitchen this weekend in the Interform Bake-Off Challenge. We hope that the muffins, cup-cakes, buns and pastries produced give everyone a boost at the start of next week.

We wrote to all parents yesterday to remind them that DASH and Lucid testing will take place next week during Form Period on Monday and the boys’ timetabled Computer Science lessons. These tests are nothing to be worried about – the boys cannot and should not attempt to revise for them. There is no pass or fail, and the tests will not affect grade cards.

On Monday afternoon, we will be asking all Third Year pupils to answer 20 questions related to their experience over the last two weeks. The results from this voluntary survey will help us continue to develop and guide school wellbeing support for pupils.  The results will be looked at and followed up with individuals if appropriate.

The Hounslow & Richmond Schools Immunisation Team visited Hampton on Thursday morning, administering DTP and Meningitis vaccinations to many Third Year pupils. Parents of those pupils who did not submit the parental consent form online will be contacted by the Hounslow & Richmond Schools Immunisation Team to check consent and advise accordingly.

Covid testing & precautions

Face coverings are now only required to be worn by pupils (unless exempt) whilst they are on school coaches, although all members of the school community are welcome to wear one if they prefer.

Please continue with the programme of self-administered asymptomatic LFD testing at regular intervals (twice a week) at home. A reminder that boys must not attend the School site if:

  • they have symptoms of Covid-19 (a raised temperature; a new persistent cough; a change in sense of taste or smell)
  • they have received a positive Covid-19 test result

If you require more LFD tests, please request a test kit by emailing testing@hamptonschool.org.uk.

If your son tests positive, please complete the relevant Firefly form linked here.


For medical absences, please notify your son’s Form Tutors via email (cc’ing absence@hamptonschool.org.uk) on the morning of each day of absence by 8:45am.

For planned absences and appointments, please contact Heads of Year requesting the absence with as much notice as possible.

Boys – Please let us, your Form Tutors or the relevant subject teachers know if you have any difficulties. Have a lovely weekend!

Best wishes

Mr T Rigby & Miss V Smith

Sports Round up

Hampton U14 Rowing – Eton Invitational

By Monty H (3J)

On Saturday, the Hampton rowers arrived at School ready to be bussed to the Eton Invitational at Dorney Lake (which had previously been the venue for the 2012 Olympic rowing). For the J14s this was our first competition and we were all very excited. When we arrived at midday we were tasked with reassembling the boats and fitting the riggers in preparation for the race (for those of you who aren’t rowers, the boats have to be split in half to be transported). It was freezing and looking down a two kilometre lake, squinting to see the end is a bit intimidating but, nevertheless, us Hamptonians stayed motivated. Finally, it was time for us to race, so we carried our boat to the water and rowed up to the start line, it was a 2 kilometre race and we had two attempts to get a good time. Nerves were high as we waited in the queue to set off at timed intervals but before we knew it, it was our turn to go. We set off at a steady pace and kept the power up throughout the race whilst trying not to be too distracted by all the Hampton supporters cheering us on as we approached the finish line. Then, it was time to row back up to the start down the parallel return channel ready for our second run. Despite being tired, the whole team could not wait for the second run, hoping to improve on our first time. After the race was finished we had to pack up the boats ready for the trip home. The J14s kept up with the competition even though we were racing against rowers from the year above. It was a great day and I would encourage more people to try rowing in the near future!

Hampton U14C Football Team vs Dulwich College

By Alasdair M

After a comfortable win in their previous game, just three days earlier, the Hampton U14Cs hoped to start another streak of wins away at Dulwich. Unfortunately, with players missing from the squad, Hampton were unable to secure a consecutive win and lost the game 5-0. It is also worth noting that the game was played with a size 4 ball.

It was a promising start for the Hampton side, most of the first 10 minutes were played in the Dulwich half and all Dulwich attacks were swiftly halted by centre-backs Alasdair M and Connor H. However, Hampton were dispossessed of their control of the game after a counter attack from Dulwich resulting in a goal. It took an impressive block from goalkeeper Joe G to stop the first shot but the Dulwich striker was the first man to the rebound and tapped the ball goal wards only for it to be cleared off the line by Alasdair M to much dismay of Hampton, the goal was given and the decision stood. 1-0.

After conceding a free kick just 5 yards outside of the penalty box, Hampton were prepared for a direct shot. Left-back Noah K was placed on the line to help Joe G stop the shot. As expected, Dulwich’s shot was direct but unfortunately, after miscommunication, the ball found its way into the goal between Noah and Joe

Dulwich scored their last goal of the half after quick movement up their left-wing brought the ball within shooting range on the edge of the box. Alasdair blocked the shot however it ricocheted into the path of a fortunate Dulwich forward who only had to tap the ball into the net. No more chances came to either side in the remaining minutes of the half so as both sides went to their coaches for a team talk at half time, the score was 3-0.

It was a change of formation and tactics for Hampton for the second half in hopes of securing at least a draw. Hampton’s football was noticeably different in the second half with many more chances created through wingers Ben W and Jayden O.

A huge Hampton chance came from one of these moves. The Dulwich keeper was brought out of his box in order to tackle a Hampton attacker. The keeper was not quick enough and after a scramble for the ball, Ted K-S took a shot with the keeper 10 yards off his line however the ball was fired wide and Ted was left gutted. Two more goals were scored by Dulwich in that half, both unable to be stopped by substitute keeper Arjan W after a great save from him that stopped Hampton conceding another.

Hampton walked away from the game knowing they should have done better and created more chances, something hopefully they can improve on in their next game.

Hampton Sports Chronicle

As well as Alasdair M’s match report on the U14C team game against Fulham Boys School, which appears on the HSC website, we’ve also got a great match report from Joseph G who tells us about a comfortable 4-0 victory for the U14C footballers here.

Holocaust Memorial Day

This week, to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day, members of Genocide 80Twenty from the Third Year delivered a moving assembly on the research they have put into the fate of a group of Jewish children who all went to the same school in the German town of Herne. The boys then found out more about Gunter (one of those school children) who escaped Germany via The Kinderstransport to survive the holocaust, staying in a hostel in Lebanon Park, Twickenham for the duration of the war. He is still alive, living in the US just outside Washington DC, and so the boys wrote letters to him, with many of them reflecting on how important it is that we continue to commemorate the holocaust and learn about the lives of people like Gunter.


This week has seen some of our 13+ joiners attending morning brunch with Heads of Third Year Mr Rigby and Miss Smith, along with Mr Woods. Over a cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate (delete as appropriate) and a breakfast bap with bacon/sausage/egg (delete as appropriate) we were able to catch up with how they have been getting on in their first year at Hampton. It has been fantastic to see how well they have been settling in, and getting stuck in to Hampton life both in and outside of the classroom!

Club of the Week

This week’s club of the week is The Writers’ Room, which Harresh J (3J) is going to tell us all about…

Like being creative? Enjoy writing? Then Writers’ Room is the perfect club for you! Come along at Wednesday at 12.35 to 1.30, in room 53 (in the English department), to develop any ideas that you have already created, or explore new ones. It’s an interactive and fun way to help improve or start your creative journey. The Writers’ Room provides a relaxed, yet informative way to gain creative writing skills. Each week, we focus on a different aspect of writing and this term we are especially looking at how to write longer pieces. You have multiple choices: choosing a picture prompt, choosing to base your work of a first sentence, or just writing anything from the figment of your imagination. A great way to get involved is by coming by during No Limits Week, or just pop in any Wednesday. (Lunch is provided at the club, with a guaranteed Freddo every week!).

Interform Baking

Interform Baking is taking place over this weekend!

Please email a photo of your bake to Mr Moore (H.Moore@Hamptonschool.org.uk)- with your name and Form as the subject of the email (photos will not be counted if these are not present).

1 photo = 1 point for your Form (one photo per pupil).

You can bring your bakes into school next Monday- however these must be individual bakes eg- Muffins, cookies, cupcakes, brownies etc.

If you bring your bakes into school next Monday THEY MUST BE NUT-FREE.

String Concert

Next Thursday 3 February sees the annual String Concert on at 7.00pm in the Hammond Theatre. There will be a complete performance of Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’ with multiple soloists and Chamber Orchestra.  There will also be a variety of other solo performances by pupils from all year groups. Tickets are free of charge but need to be reserved in advance via the link here.

The concert promises to be a very enjoyable evening and we hope to see you there!

Harvard Model Congress

Zaidan A was invited to participate in the Harvard Model Congress, Middle East. At the Congress, students took on the roles of US Representatives, US Senators, and UN representatives and tackled some of the world’s most pressing issues. Through public speaking, negotiation, and compromise, delegates challenged themselves to understand the nuances of politics and the intricacies of legislation. Despite delegations from more than 15 countries participating in this on-line event, Zaidan’s delegation of 15 students for Speakfluence Global was awarded the convention’s Best Delegation. Congratulations Zaidan!

Musical Distinction

Ryan C (3D) has passed his grade 4 singing exam with distinction, receiving 140/150. Congratulations Ryan!

Connection Corner

Congratulations to Monty S, Sam T, Aaryan D, Sam B, Nathan N, Ed M, Viren A, Alex R, and Thomas W-M who got all the answers to last week’s quiz, along with the correct connection (“types of weather”) Bragging rights to Form 3G again with the most correct answers. Please speak to your form tutors to collect your merit. Let’s see how you get on this week…

Oops! We could not locate your form.

In case you’re still perplexed, here are last week’s answers:

Photosynthesis is the process in plants by which carbon dioxide and water are turned into Glucose and Oxygen – but where does the energy for the reaction come from? Sun

According to Henry Higgins and Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady, what stays mainly in the plain in Spain? Rain

Cirrus, Cumulus and Stratus are all different types of what? Cloud

What flag is used to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community? Rainbow

Connection: Weather

Have a great weekend!

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