Hamptonians took part in the annual Bebras Computing Challenge and achieved excellent scores.

The Bebras Computing Challenge asks pupils from around the world to answer as many computational questions as they can in 40 minutes. The questions range in difficulty and encourage the pupils to be enthusiastic about logical and computational thinking.

In the Inters (12-14) category 176 Hamptonians scored in the top 10% of the UK, and had an average score of 119 in comparison to the national average of 75. The Seniors (14-16) and Elite (16-18) categories also saw Hamptonians scoring averages of 124 and 113, compared to the national averages of 89 and 94.

The maximum score for the challenge was 200 and our top scoring pupils were:


  • Oli Lenox-Smith (3A) – 189
  • Elijah Hipkins (2W) – 184
  • Faris Salman (2W) – 184


  • Theo Lloyd (4F) – 189
  • Matthew Pickles (4J) – 179


  • Louis Simonds-Gooding (L6CB) – 140
  • Tom Shtasel (L6BKF) – 136

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the challenge!

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