Hampton’s young mathematicians have excelled in this year’s Junior Maths Olympiad.

The Olympiad, which is run by the UK Mathematics Trust, is a problem-solving competition designed to challenge the young minds of the top 1,200 mathematicians of their age group. To qualify for the competition, pupils must first achieve a high score in the Junior Mathematical Challenge.

A Bronze medal was awarded to Third Year pupil Nathan Navarro and Gold medals were won by Second Years Prabodha Ariyaratne, Jihwan Moon and Adrian Sprljan. This is a phenomenal achievement and places Prabodha, Jihwan and Adrian in the top 30 nationally in their age group.

Head of Maths, Miss Jo Condon, congratulated the mathematicians on their success:

Many congratulations to all medal winners – three gold medals in one year is an astonishing achievement. To have so many talented mathematicians bodes incredibly well for the mathematical future at Hampton!=.”

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