Hampton School’s Genocide awareness campaigners, Genocide80Twenty, are running their own ‘Genocide Prevention Week’ in December. The group, which is made up of pupils from across the year groups, has teamed up with partner schools, including one from the USA, to organise 5-days of events highlighting the horrors of past and modern-day genocide.

Pupils will raise awareness by posting online content and hoping to educate as many people as possible about genocides past and present with a view to preventing them in the future. They have also been collaborating on a newspaper that will be sent to MPs and schools across the country. The pupil-led ‘Genocide Prevention Week’ is being held to mark the 73rd anniversary of the adoption by the United Nations of the Genocide Convention.

Jack, a Year 13 partner-school pupil said:

When the horrors of the Holocaust were fully exposed in 1945, the world promised never to let such an atrocity happen again. Yet that promise has been broken again and again. Now is the time for the pledge to be fulfilled

Partner schools that will be working alongside Hamptonians during the week to raise awareness include:

  • Turing House
  • Belle Vue Girls Academy
  • Enfield County School
  • St Edward’s School, Poole
  • Bedminster Down School
  • Claverham Community College
  • Royal Liberty School
  • Scarsdale High (USA)




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