The PE & Sport Department have come up with a range of exercises and workouts to help you keep fit and healthy during lockdown. Take a look below at our final workout below – why don’t you have a go at some of our lockdown workouts at home this weekend?

Workout 8

 The Memory Game

A similar game to ‘I went to the shops and I bought’ but with exercise!  Try it in a group and test each other with your choice of exercises (but remember it has to be something you can do too!).

  • Setup your working area and include any equipment
  • The first player starts with the sentence ‘I went to the gym and I did…’ (adding an exercise and number of repetitions
  • Each player repeats and adds to the sentence, with their exercise choice
  • A player loses either when they fail on recall or exercise!


Workout 7

The Skyscraper Workout

Do this progressive workout, on a day when you feel highly motivated – it challenges everyone, no matter your fitness level!

Setup your working area (choose music that inspires you!)

Level 1 starts with 1 repetition of each exercise (shuttle run, press-up, sit-up)

Move onto the next level and add a repetition to each exercise

Keep moving up the levels, until you cannot complete any more!





Workout 6

The Plank Cha Cha Slide

Have a socially distanced meet-up or video call with your friends and family – The Cha Cha Slide with a twist!

We advise searching for some Plank Cha Cha Slide examples on YouTube, to help plan your workout.

Find an appropriate space and set up with friends/family

Decide on the plank exercises you will attempt, for the different commands in the song (see our suggestion below)

Get the music started and stay motivated!

Suggested exercises from the PE Department for the commands in the song (all from the plank/top of press-up position):

  • Clap Your Hands –  Shoulder Taps
  • To the left/To the right – One pace left/right with all hands and feet
  • Take it Back – One pace back with all hands and feet
  • Hop – Squat thrust (bounce in knees up position for more hops)
  • Right foot/left foot stomp – Side taps with feet
  • Cha Cha – Mountain climbers
  • Criss Cross – Cross feet and return to plank
  • Hands on Your Knees – Touch opposite knee with hand
  • How Low Can You Go? – Slow press-up
  • Reverse – Side plank with arm raised
  • Charlie Brown – Cross knee mountain climbers

Workout 5

 Skipping and Press-Up Challenge

Try this challenge once or twice a week and build up to the ultimate goal of completing 1000 skips and 100 press-ups in ten minutes – which is tough!

Set yourself if with timer, rope and mat (better still, work with a partner)

Have a game plan – how many skips and press-ups in a set?

Take breaks when you need them, it is important to complete the challenge with good form

After your initial effort, you can start to set targets for progress

Try completing the whole 1000 skips/100 press-ups and time how long it takes you, you then know how much quicker you need to go!

Best of luck!



Workout 4

Islands Game

Try using different sizes and shapes of ball to play this game, which develops throwing, catching, spatial awareness and movement skills.

Set out two square playing areas, each one is the players ‘island’

Using underarm throws (cannot go down when leaving the hand), take it in turns to try to land the ball in your opponents’ island

A player wins a point if they land the ball in the island, or the opponents drops an attempted catch

Throws that land outside the island are void and do not score for either player

Many variations of the game can include pairs or 2v1, overarm throws, shorter/longer distances between islands and larger items.




Workout 3

The Alphabet Workout

This week’s H@H workout is a very creative workout devised by Fourth Year Oliver Townend, in response to one of our PE tasks – massive thanks to Oliver for putting this together! Challenge a family member or friend, to Oliver’s random workout using words! You can also test your foreign language vocabulary, by choosing a topic for words set in one of your languages at Hampton, or a new language you are learning!

Decide on the language and word length for the workout.

List the alphabet and prescribe an exercise and time or quantity to each letter.

Take it in turns to randomly draw out or tell each other a word.

The longer the words, the more exercise to do in each set!


We hope you enjoy the workout.  You can choose your own exercises and times/quantities for each letter, or try Oliver’s suggestion below:

A:15 Pushups

B:50 Jumping Jacks

C:20 Crunches

D: 10 Burpees

E: 60-second wall sit

F: 20 Arm Circles

G: 20 squats

H: 30 Jumping Jacks

I: 60 second plank

J: 20 Mountain climbers

K: 40 crunches

L: 12 Burpees

M: 15 Squat Jumps

N:10 Pushups

O: 20 lunges

P: 10 Tricep Dips

Q: 20 Jumping Jacks

R: 60 second plank

S: 30 bicycle crunches

T: 60 second wall sit

U:40 high knees

V: 30 squats

W: 15 tricep dips

X: 10 Mountain climbers

Y: 12 jumping lunges

Z: 30 crunches

Workout 2

Plank Football

Want to add some fun to ‘working out’? Plank football helps work on core stability and balance, whilst adding elements of skill and competition!

We would advise not setting up this game on a hard surface.

Set out a rectangular playing area to suit you (we recommend trying 1.5m wide, by 2 or 3m long at first).

The width of the playing area at each player’s end, becomes the goal line.

Place your hands on the line, with body behind, at the start of each round.

Goals must be scored by using your hands, to pass the ball across the opponents line.

Add your own extra rule(s), as you get used to the game. Try setting a time limit for each round, or use a ‘best of format’.




Workout 1

The HIIT Randomiser Workout adds a little variety to your session!  Try it with your parents or siblings:

  • Search in App Store or Google Play for a free random number generator
  • Plan and choose your ten exercises – Either focus on certain muscle groups each time – or for a whole body workout, try to rotate muscle groups in your exercise order.
  • Choose a work:rest ratio level to suit you and then maybe step it up a level next time!
  • There are lots of exercise demos online, please choose those that suit your level of ability, or see Mr Hurst’s choice below.
  • Push yourself, but ensure you maintain form!

If you are struggling to choose your own exercises, here’s a suggestion from Mr Hurst, for a whole body workout. Give it a try!

  1. Press-Ups (from knees if normal press-ups are too hard)
  2. Lunges
  3. High Knee Running (on the spot)
  4. Squats
  5. Sit-Ups
  6. Tricep Dips (use a chair)
  7. Jumping Jacks
  8. Wall Sit
  9. Step-Ups (use stair, low wall or bench)
  10. Mountain Climbers

Keep checking back, for more H@H Workouts & Activities.

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