The PE & Sport Department have come up with a range of exercises and workouts to help you keep fit and healthy during lockdown. Take a look below at our sixth workout – try it over the half term holiday at home!

Workout 6

The Plank Cha Cha Slide

Have a video call with your friends and family – The Cha Cha Slide with a twist!

We advise searching for some Plank Cha Cha Slide examples on YouTube, to help plan your workout.

Find an appropriate space and set up with friends/family

Decide on the plank exercises you will attempt, for the different commands in the song (see our suggestion below)

Get the music started and stay motivated!

Suggested exercises from the PE Department for the commands in the song (all from the plank/top of press-up position):

  • Clap Your Hands –  Shoulder Taps
  • To the left/To the right – One pace left/right with all hands and feet
  • Take it Back – One pace back with all hands and feet
  • Hop – Squat thrust (bounce in knees up position for more hops)
  • Right foot/left foot stomp – Side taps with feet
  • Cha Cha – Mountain climbers
  • Criss Cross – Cross feet and return to plank
  • Hands on Your Knees – Touch opposite knee with hand
  • How Low Can You Go? – Slow press-up
  • Reverse – Side plank with arm raised
  • Charlie Brown – Cross knee mountain climbers

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