The PE & Sport Department have come up with a range of exercises and workouts to help you keep fit and healthy during lockdown. Take a look below at our third workout – what’s the longest word that you can exercise to?

Workout 3 

The Alphabet Workout

This week’s H@H workout is a very creative workout devised by Fourth Year Oliver Townend, in response to one of our PE tasks – massive thanks to Oliver for putting this together! Challenge a family member or friend, to Oliver’s random workout using words! You can also test your foreign language vocabulary, by choosing a topic for words set in one of your languages at Hampton, or a new language you are learning!

Decide on the language and word length for the workout.

List the alphabet and prescribe an exercise and time or quantity to each letter.

Take it in turns to randomly draw out or tell each other a word.

The longer the words, the more exercise to do in each set!


We hope you enjoy the workout.  You can choose your own exercises and times/quantities for each letter, or try Oliver’s suggestion below:

A: 15 push-ups

B: 50 jumping jacks

C: 20 crunches

D: 10 burpees

E: 60-second wall sit

F: 20 arm circles

G: 20 squats

H: 30 jumping jacks

I: 60 second plank

J: 20 mountain climbers

K: 40 crunches

L: 12 burpees

M: 15 squat jumps

N: 10 push-ups

O: 20 lunges

P: 10 tricep dips

Q: 20 jumping jacks

R: 60 second plank

S: 30 bicycle crunches

T: 60 second wall sit

U: 40 high knees

V: 30 squats

W: 15 tricep dips

X: 10 mountain climbers

Y: 12 jumping lunges

Z: 30 crunches

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