The PE & Sport Department have come up with a range of exercises and workouts to help you keep fit and healthy during lockdown. Take a look below at our second workout – who can score the most goals in your house?

Workout 2

Plank Football

Want to add some fun to ‘working out’? Plank football helps work on core stability and balance, whilst adding elements of skill and competition!

We would advise not setting up this game on a hard surface.

Set out a rectangular playing area to suit you (we recommend trying 1.5m wide, by 2 or 3m long at first).

The width of the playing area at each player’s end, becomes the goal line.

Place your hands on the line, with body behind, at the start of each round.

Goals must be scored by using your hands, to pass the ball across the opponents line.

Add your own extra rule(s), as you get used to the game. Try setting a time limit for each round, or use a ‘best of format’.




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