Our Environment Committee is running a competition to highlight simple measures we can take to protect the world we live in.

We’d like to encourage all Hamptonians to be more mindful of what they buy, how they use it and how they dispose of it – everything we buy produces more waste and more demand and we should all consider carefully how our actions impact the environment. To help with this, recycling points are located throughout the School site ranging from plastics to paper and batteries to biros.

During the autumn term, members of our Environment Committee collected snack and crisp packets recycled by the School community and we would like you to try and guess the number recycled.

Take a look at the photo below, can you guess how many crisp and snack packets were recycled during the autumn term?

Congratulations to our winner First Year pupil Anirudh! Anirudh’s guess of 1500 was closest to the actual number of crisp packets (1373) recycled at School during the autumn term. Anirudh will be presented with a £25 Amazon voucher when we’re back on the School site. Well done Anirudh!

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