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It is the final blog of the term, and what a year 2020 has been! You have all been very busy over that past few months and we have loved sharing everything that you have achieved in our weekly blog! This week you’ve been enjoying some fantastic last lessons of the term, making the most of clubs and working hard on various projects. I hope that you will all enjoy a well-deserved break and I wish you all a lovely Christmas with your families!


Great to see lots of you finishing off the term with a certificate! Well done.

Felix Robinson – 10

Mitul Aggarwal – 10

Rajvir Dhillon (2H) – 10

Tobi Quigley – 10

Karun Bhalla – 10

Henry Jackson – 10

Sam Trotman – 10

Noel Yonas – 10

Joseph Bakr – 10

Alasdair McIntosh – 20

Xavier Fricot – 20

Harresh Jayanthan – 20

Jayden Oni – 30

Eddie Haycock – 30

Avi Bhatt – 40


Thank you to everyone who took part in our music competition this half term, and I am pleased to be able to announce our winners! The entries were judged in two categories; music composition and music performance. Mr Goodwin and I were very impressed with all of the entries; making it no easy task to decide our winners!

The winning composition was by Zaid (2P). The judges liked the use of structural techniques to build up the track, and thought the piece had a really strong ending. Listen to his track here:

The winning performance was by Oli (2H). The judges were impressed with the great fluency shown throughout, with what is a tricky piece of music to play. Watch his performance here:


On Monday, Mrs Owen and Dr Hendry finally got to see the Project Explore work completed by boys in the First Year. The presentations had been delayed previously, so it was a lovely opportunity for them to finally show us what they had prepared and we certainly learned a lot about our local history!

Henry Jackson’s short film about Richmond Palace was the winning entry and you can take a look at it via this link. Henry will collect a prize for this at Lower School Evening in the summer term. Congratulations!



By Avi (2H)

This week, in computing, Second Year have been exploring some basics of Python programming. We have been using a part of Python called Turtle Samir to draw shapes and other objects. Our starting projects included drawing basic shapes and a more challenging image of the Olympic Rings. We are now working on drawing food as well as shapes depending on user input. This is a great start to the world of coding which, in the future, will become a skill which is very useful to know. 


By Elliot (2H)

This week in Religious Studies, Second Year have been participating in a balloon debate. There are several competing points, and the weakest are thrown out of the balloon. Due to this, you do not argue that your point is the most important, but argue that your point is relevant enough to be kept in. In our debate, we were looking at ten important events in Christianity. Some were historical, such as Jesus’ death, some are happening right now, such as prayer, and some are yet to happen, such as the second coming. In pairs, we had to prepare an argument for why our event was important and then one of us had to present our justifications to the rest of the class and answer any questions that were raised. We concluded by conducting a blind vote on which three events should be thrown out. Unfortunately, my event, the second coming, was voted out.


By Harry (2H)

On Thursday we went up on the ropes. This allows us to go beyond the marked line which is 2.5 metres up. We climbed to the top and as you get higher the cracks decrease so there is less to hold on to. This and the fact that it was pouring with rain increased the challenge and excitement. You then abseil down the 10m rock face.


By Sam (2H)

Every Thursday at 12.35pm, the Hampton Sports Chronicle club takes place. It’s a great way to build on your writing skills and learn new things about Hampton Sport that you never knew. I have been going to HSC since I was in First Year and I have enjoyed every week of going to the club. You discuss sports events at Hampton and the sporting abilities of teaching staff. I would recommend coming to this club as you get to have your reports on the HSC website, and also if you are lucky, you can feature in the magazine at the end of the year.


Well done to Arun (2L) who fulfilled his 12 days of Christmas Act of kindness, by making pizza from scratch including the pizza dough and chocolate brownies for his family to enjoy on Saturday. They look great Arun, and I am sure that your cooking was much appreciated!



ABC Social League by Eddie (2J)

In the final week of the ABC social league, the third place playoff was contested between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, with Real looking to be the favourites, but no-one ruling out FC Barcelona. Real took an early lead through a goal from Daniel Mills, who scored another a couple of minutes later to make it 2-0. Rohan scored an incredible goal from a corner, to make it 3-0. Dexter Boyle added yet another goal, and Daniel scored his third goal of the game to put Real 5-0 up at half time. A tactical switch up for both teams saw a tighter second half, with Dexter putting Real 6-0 up, before Ollie Swetman pulled a goal back for FC Barcelona with a penalty kick, that was the final kick of the game, denying Real Madrid from keeping the only clean sheet of the tournament, however it didn’t change the complexion of the game, with Real’s resounding victory leaving them in third, and FC Barcelona finishing fourth, and going without a win the whole tournament despite multiple strong performances. In the final, Villarreal, captained by Alex Ashton, faced off against Atlético Madrid, captained by Quinn Schutter. An incredible performance from Villarreal saw Alex score three with two assists, Sam Moylan-Jones scoring two and assisting three, and he got another further assist as one of his crosses resulted in an own goal. Atlético fought as hard as they could, with Quinn scoring a brace, however it wasn’t enough, and Villarreal won 6-2 to become the champions of the ABC social league. After the final round of fixtures, the standings read as:

  1. Villarreal
  2. Atlético Madrid
  3. Real Madrid
  4. FC Barcelona.

After a thrilling competition, where all players involved contributed to their teams’ performances, all players will be looking forward to returning to squad training, and maybe matches, after Christmas.


Have a go at these trivia questions set by Trivikram (2P)

  1. How many seats are there in the UK parliament?
  2. What day was it when the first lockdown started?
  3. How does an amoeba move?

Well done to those of you who had a go at last week’s trivia questions; here are the answers:

  1. How many thermochemical calories are there in a tomato? 25
  2. What is the approximate number of atoms on the earth? 10 to the power of 50
  3. When did the coronavirus pandemic begin? December 2019
  4. What is the last line of the Hampton School Song? That she may stand forever
  5. When did Hampton School move to the current site? 1939

And the answers to Zaid’s (2P) logic puzzles:

  1. 1. No. 4 is the error because it does not specify that the vehicles need to be moving.
  2. 2. This is possible because the 2 people did not play each other.

Festival of Carols

Feeling Christmassy yet? This should get you in the mood! Watch the Hampton boys perform some festive classics in our Festival of Carols.

Thanks to our outstanding Music Department for putting this fantastic performance together!

Hampton Highlights 2019-2020

What better way to sit back and take stock of the past academic year than by watching the Hampton Highlights 2019-20 video below. A quite historic year in Hampton’s long and distinguished history, I am sure you will agree!

All that’s left to say is a very Happy Christmas to you all. Take it away – Eddie, Elliot, Tobi and Sam T from 2H:

Have a wonderful Christmas!


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