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We are amazingly heading towards the last week term! The boys have been very busy preparing Form Charity events, environment initiatives, and completing the 12 days of Christmas challenges! I am sure lots of you have also been busy getting in the festive spirit and decorating your homes. Please do send in any photos that you would like to share of your decorations or Christmas lights and we can post these on our final blog of the term next week!!


Well done to the following boys for reaching their merit milestones this week! Keep up the excellent work!

Charlie Childs – 10

Dexter Boyle – 10

Alex Ashton – 10

Max Rolles – 10

Rayaan Raza – 10

Ralph Yao – 10

Jayden Park – 10

Harresh Jayanthan – 10

Oli Lenox-Smith – 20

Jason David-West – 20

Oli Lenox-Smith – 30

Elliot Cundy – 30


Thank you to Patrick (2H) for his report on what has been going on in Maths!

In Maths recently, we have been studying Circles and Spheres. This is a fascinating topic as it deals with many challenges and problems that occur with curves. Two equations that we have learned are: π*r*r for the area, and πd for the circumference. Pi is an irrational number, meaning it goes on forever and cannot be expressed as a fraction. This proves to be wonderful for memory athletes as it provides a never ending, always changing number to memorise, and the world record is 70,030 digits! In our class we had a one-week short memorisation challenge, which I just about won (although it was extremely close!) with 500 digits. Oli and Henry were the runners up.

Pioneering Pythagoras

Learn more about the Greek Philosopher and Mathematician, Pythagoras, by watching this great introductory video by Falak (2B):


Mr Stockdale reports on the eagerly anticipated results of the Bebras Challenge!

In Computer Science, our Bebras Challenge results are in!  A quarter of a million pupils took part across the country this year and our Second Year pupils did really well.

The boys faced challenges based on common problems computer scientists meet and solve. The questions are tough and the average score nationally was 65 out of 200 points. Across our Second and Third Years, Hampton boys averaged 110 out of 200 points. Approximately 80% of our boys were in the top 25% of pupils in the UK and an impressive half of our pupils were in the top 10%. Those in the top 10% nationally are eligible to take part in the more advanced Oxford University Computing Challenge next year.

These results are testament to the logical thinking skills we see boys demonstrate in School and their creativity and determination when solving difficult problems. Particular congratulations go to Hamish (2W), who scored the highest in the year, and to Alexander (2J), James (2H) and Maneet (2B) who were close behind.

We look forward to supporting all the Second Year boys as they continue to develop their problem-solving abilities throughout this academic year and beyond.


ABC Social League by Eddie (2J)

In the playoffs of the ABC social league which determined the finalists of the social league, with the winners being the finalists, FC Barcelona faced Villarreal and Real Madrid faced Atlético Madrid. In the latter game, Atlético took the lead but Real Madrid equalled it up by half time. However, in the second half, a domineering performance from Atlético Madrid combined with a lacklustre one from Real saw Atlético triumph 4-1 to book their place in the final. The other game was a lot tenser, and come the final whistle the scores were level, meaning that penalties would determine who was in the final. Villarreal’s Billy W was the hero, saving two penalties and scoring one himself, as Villarreal won 4-3 on penalties. Next week, the third place playoff will be competed between winners of the round robin Real Madrid, and FC Barcelona, who lost all of their round robin games despite strong performances throughout. In the final, Villarreal will face Atlético Madrid in a bid to win the ABC social league, with the fixtures a repeat of the first round, when Real triumphed over Barca and Villarreal triumphed over Atlético. All players and coaches alike are hoping for a positive and exciting end to the social league.


Each Form has nominated two Environment Reps who have been attending meetings with Mr Malston, and tasked with coming up with a tangible initiative that they and or the year group can take to support the environment in absolutely any way they choose. There have been lots of fantastic ideas, Raphael reports for 2W:

For 2W’s environmental event we will be hosting a bird feeder competition for the whole year. The attached power point has the instructions about how to submit your bird feeder and ideas for bird feeders. These bird feeders will be hung around the school. The person with the best bird feeder wins!


2P have been busy organising their second Form Charity event of the term! You have all voted for your choice of Christmas film, so please do go along and support this great event!!


Have a go at these five trivia questions set by Trivikram (2P) and the two logic puzzles set by Zaid (2P). Send in your answers to r.kugele@hamptonschool.org.uk and receive a merit if you are correct! We will reveal the answers in next week’s blog.


  1. How many thermochemical calories are there in a tomato?
  2. What is the approximate number of atoms on the earth?
  3. When did the coronavirus pandemic begin?
  4. What is the last line of the Hampton School Song?
  5. When did Hampton School move to the current site?

 Logic Puzzles

1) Following this set of simple instructions is supposed to help you cross the road safely. There is an error, and if you follow them exactly, you might never cross the road. What is the problem?

  1. Walk to the pavement where you want to cross 
  2. Face the direction that you want to cross in
  3. Look both ways, and remember if you see any vehicles
  4. Are there any vehicles within 75ft? If yes, go back to 2, else proceed
  5. Walk across the road briskly
  6. Get onto the pavement in front of you
  7. Stop

2) Two people are playing chess. Under the rules, a win is worth 2 points, a draw is worth 1 point, and a loss is worth 0 points. The pair start with 0 points, and after 3 rounds, A has four points, as does B. How is this possible?


Whether you play an instrument or love producing music on GarageBand or Logic Pro we would love to hear from you! Please send in a video or music file of your track or you playing your instrument, that is no longer than 2 minutes, along with your name, form, and your source of inspiration. Any standard and style of music is welcome!

The deadline for submission is Monday 7 December.

12 days of Christmas

With our traditional Christmas community and charity events unable to take place this term, the School has been running Hampton’s 12 Days of Christmas to encourage Hamptonians to show their generosity of spirit and kindness during the festive season. Between 1 December – 12 December, pupils will be encouraged to think of others and carry out acts of giving and kindness.

The Second Year boys have already been demonstrating their charitable natures by donating tinned items, rice, pasta and chocolate to local food banks this week, as well as showing their appreciation for their fantastic friendships that have been fostered through the close-knit Hampton community.

Thanks to you all for your fantastic contributions so far this week – a brilliant effort by everyone!

Day 2 of Hampton’s 12 Days of Christmas was all about Friendship – let’s find out what Hamptonians think makes a good friend:

This weekend, we’re asking the boys to focus on doing a good deed and also showing their gratitude to a friend or family member.

Saturday 5 December:  Good Deed – Boys and Staff encouraged to exhibit kindness and complete a good deed

  • Cook dinner for your family
  • Take out the recycling
  • Walk your dog

Sunday 6 December: Gratitude – Write a thank you card to a friend or a family member

Monday 7 December:  Giving – support the Form Charity Quiz & The Big Give

Tuesday 8 December:  Foodbank Collection – Shampoo, shower-gel, toothpaste

Wednesday 9 December:  Christmas Wish – Hang your wish on the Christmas Tree

Thursday 10 December:  Foodbank Collection – UHT Milk

Friday 11 December:  Christmas Spirit – Mufti Day in aid of Form Charity (wear your Christmas Jumpers & Hats etc.)

Saturday 12 December:  Commitment – Commit to doing a good deed during the holiday

The Big Give Christmas Challenge

The Fitzwygram Foundation is well on the way to achieving its Big Give Christmas Challenge target of £25,000. All funds raised will enable us to increase the number of completely free places at Hampton for boys whose families cannot afford any School fees.

If you would like to join in and donate, please visit the link here.

A big thank you to all our excellent Blog Contributors this week!

Have a great weekend!

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